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Information and communication security. 2nd international conference, ICICS ’99, Sydney, Australia, November 9–11, 1999. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0931.00051
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1726. Berlin: Springer. xi, 325 p. (1999).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (1st, 1997) has been indicated (see Zbl 0877.00018).
Indexed articles:
Hall, Chris; Goldberg, Ian; Schneier, Bruce, Reaction attacks against several public-key cryptosystems, 2-12 [Zbl 0981.94027]
Wu, Wenling; Li, Bao; Feng, Denguo; Qing, Sihan, Cryptanalysis of some AES candidate algorithms, 13-21 [Zbl 1014.94558]
Pieprzyk, Josef, Linear secret sharing with divisible shares, 71-86 [Zbl 0981.94046]
Boudot, Fabrice; Traoré, Jacques, Efficient publicly verifiable secret sharing schemes with fast or delayed recovery, 87-102 [Zbl 0982.94019]
Nguyen, Khanh Quoc; Bao, Feng; Mu, Yi; Varadharajan, Vijay, Zero-knowledge proofs of possession of digital signatures and its applications, 103-118 [Zbl 0982.94021]
Viswanathan, Kapali; Boyd, Colin; Dawson, Ed, Signature scheme for controlled environments, 119-134 [Zbl 0982.94023]
Beaver, Cheryl L.; Gemmell, Peter S.; Johnston, Anna M.; Neumann, William, On the cryptographic value of the \(q^{th}\) root problem, 135-142 [Zbl 1014.94553]
Abe, Masayuki; Okamoto, Tatsuaki, Delegation chains secure up to constant length, 143-156 [Zbl 0982.94018]
Hanaoka, Goichiro; Nishioka, Tsuyoshi; Zheng, Yuliang; Imai, Hideki, Optimal construction of unconditionally secure ID-based key sharing scheme for large-scale networks, 157-168 [Zbl 0982.94014]
Hirose, Shouichi; Matsuura, Kanta, Enhancing the resistance of a provably secure key agreement protocol to a denial-of-service attack, 169-182 [Zbl 0982.94015]
Kudo, Michiharu; Mathuria, Anish, An extended logic for analyzing timed-release public-key protocols, 183-198 [Zbl 0982.94017]
Sander, Tomas, Efficient accumulators without trapdoor. (Extended abstract), 252-262 [Zbl 0982.94022]
Millan, W.; Burnett, L.; Carter, G.; Clark, A.; Dawson, E., Evolutionary heuristics for finding cryptographically strong S-boxes, 263-274 [Zbl 1014.94556]
Ekdahl, Patrik; Smeets, Ben, Incremental authentication of tree-structured documents, 275-283 [Zbl 0982.94020]
Zheng, Yuliang; Zhang, Xian-Mo, Plateaued functions, 284-300 [Zbl 0982.94038]
Griffin, Frances; Shparlinski, Igor E., On the linear complexity of the Naor-Reingold pseudo-random function, 301-308 [Zbl 0982.94013]
Kobara, Kazukuni; Imai, Hideki, On the channel capacity of narrow-band subliminal channels, 309-323 [Zbl 0981.94006]

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94A60 Cryptography
68P25 Data encryption (aspects in computer science)
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