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Logic programming and nonmonotonic reasoning. 5th international conference, LPNMR ’99. El Paso, TX, USA, December 2–4, 1999. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0931.00043
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1730. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xi, 391 p. (1999).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The 3rd conference 1995 has been indicated (see Zbl 0875.00116).
Indexed articles:
Gottlob, Georg; Scarcello, Francesco; Sideri, Martha, Fixed-parameter complexity in AI and nonmonotonic reasoning, 1-18 [Zbl 0955.68057]
Janhunen, Tomi, Classifying semi-normal default logic on the basis of its expressive power, 19-33 [Zbl 0946.03032]
Cenzer, Douglas; Remmel, Jeffrey B.; Vanderbilt, Amy, Locally determined logic programs, 34-48 [Zbl 0953.68030]
Marek, Victor; Pivkina, Inna; Truszczyński, Mirosław, Annotated revision programs, 49-62 [Zbl 0952.68034]
Šefránek, Ján, Belief, knowledge, revisions, and a semantics of non-monotonic reasoning, 63-77 [Zbl 0951.03012]
Kakas, Antonis; Miller, Rob; Toni, Francesca, An argumentation framework for reasoning about actions and change, 78-91 [Zbl 0946.03033]
Lifschitz, Vladimir; Turner, Hudson, Representing transition systems by logic programs, 92-106 [Zbl 0952.68132]
Erdem, Esra; Lifschitz, Vladimir, Transformations of logic programs related to causality and planning, 107-116 [Zbl 0952.68021]
Lin, Fangzhen; Wang, Kewen, From causal theories to logic programs (sometimes), 117-131 [Zbl 0953.68128]
Dekhtyar, Michael; Dikovsky, Alexander; Dudakov, Sergey; Spyratos, Nicolas, Monotone expansion of updates in logical databases, 132-146 [Zbl 0952.68051]
Sakama, Chiaki; Inoue, Katsumi, Updating extended logic programs through abduction, 147-161 [Zbl 0952.68052]
Alferes, José Júlio; Pereira, Luís Moniz; Przymusinska, Halina; Przymusinski, Teodor C., LUPS – a language for updating logic programs, 162-176 [Zbl 0952.68022]
Greco, Sergio, Minimal founded semantics for disjunctive logic programming, 221-235 [Zbl 0952.68023]
De Vos, Marina; Vermeir, Dirk, On the role of negation in choice logic programs, 236-246 [Zbl 0952.68024]
Linke, Thomas; Schaub, Torsten, Default reasoning via blocking sets, 247-261 [Zbl 0946.03034]
Damásio, Carlos Viegas; Pereira, Luís Moniz; Swift, Terrance, Coherent well-founded annotated logic programs, 262-276 [Zbl 0952.68025]
Lukasiewicz, Thomas, Many-valued disjunctive logic programs with probabilistic semantics, 277-289 [Zbl 0952.68026]
Mateis, Cristinel, Extending disjunctive logic programming by \(T\)-norms, 290-304 [Zbl 0952.68027]
Simons, Patrik, Extending the stable model semantics with more expressive rules, 305-316 [Zbl 0952.68028]
Niemelä, Ilkka; Simons, Patrik; Soininen, Timo, Stable model semantics of weight constraint rules, 317-331 [Zbl 0952.68029]
Rosati, Riccardo, Towards first-order nonmonotonic reasoning, 332-346 [Zbl 0947.03041]
Antoniou, G.; Maher, M. J.; Billington, D.; Governatori, G., A comparison of sceptical NAF-free logic programming approaches, 347-356 [Zbl 0946.03030]
Hitzler, Pascal; Seda, Anthony Karel, Characterizations of classes of programs by three-valued operators, 357-371 [Zbl 0958.68038]
McAllester, David, World-modelling vs. world-axiomatizing, 375-388 [Zbl 0951.68536]

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