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SOFSEM ’99: Theory and practice of informatics. 26th conference on Current trends in theory and practice of informatics. Milovy, Czech Republic, November 27–December 4, 1999. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0931.00042
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1725. Berlin: Springer. xiii, 498 p. (1999).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (25th, 1998) has been indicated (see Zbl 0903.00077).
Indexed articles:
Gruska, Jozef, Quantum challenges, 1-28 [Zbl 0985.81022]
Hromkovič, Juraj, Stability of approximation algorithms for hard optimization problems, 29-47 [Zbl 0961.65060]
Rytter, Wojciech, Algorithms on compressed strings and arrays, 48-65 [Zbl 0964.68120]
Roth, Dan; Zelenko, Dmitry, Coherent concepts, robust learning, 264-276 [Zbl 0964.68066]
Allauzen, Cyril; Crochemore, Maxime; Raffinot, Mathieu, Factor oracle: A new structure for pattern matching, 295-310 [Zbl 0964.68078]
Ambainis, Andris; Bonner, Richard; Freivalds, Rūsiņš; Golovkins, Marats; Karpinski, Marek, Quantum finite multitape automata, 340-348 [Zbl 0971.68088]
Beran, Martin, Decomposable bulk synchronous parallel computers, 349-359 [Zbl 0964.68063]
Černá, Ivana; Klíma, Ondřej; Srba, Jiří, Pattern equations and equations with stuttering, 369-378 [Zbl 0963.68160]
Herrero, Carlos; Oliver, Javier, Object-oriented specification with the parallel multi-label-selective \(\lambda\)-calculus, 395-403 [Zbl 0963.68030]
Jančar, Petr; Moller, Faron; Sawa, Zdeněk, Simulation problems for one-counter machines, 404-413 [Zbl 0963.68094]
Juhás, Gabriel, On semantics of Petri nets over partial algebra, 414-421 [Zbl 0963.68145]
Kramosil, Ivan, Towards possibilistic decision functions with minimum-based Sugeno integrals, 422-430 [Zbl 0967.62004]
Kravtsev, Maksim, Quantum finite one-counter automata, 431-440 [Zbl 0970.81008]
Schröder, Heiko; Sýkora, Ondrej; Vrto, Imrich, Cyclic cutwidth of the mesh, 449-458 [Zbl 0964.68002]
Šíma, Jiří; Orponen, Pekka; Antti-Poika, Teemu, Some afterthoughts on Hopfield networks, 459-469 [Zbl 0963.68004]
Ultes-Nitsche, Ulrich, A persistent-set approach to abstract state-space construction in verification, 470-478 [Zbl 0964.68091]
Wiedermann, Jiří, Computational power of neuroidal nets, 479-487 [Zbl 0971.68056]
Worsch, Thomas, Cellular automata with dynamically reconfigurable buses, 488-496 [Zbl 0964.68092]

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