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Multivariate analysis, design of experiments, and survey sampling. A tribute to Jagdish N. Srivastava. (English) Zbl 0927.00053
Statistics: Textbooks and Monographs. 159. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. xviii, 663 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Aldworth, Jeremy; Cressie, Noel, Sampling designs and prediction methods for Gaussian spatial processes, 1-54 [Zbl 0941.62104]
Bernardo, José M., Design techniques for probabilistic sampling of items with variable monetary value, 55-68 [Zbl 0946.62098]
Ghosh, Malay; Natarajan, Kannan, Small area estimation: A Bayesian perspective, 69-92 [Zbl 0956.62020]
Miescke, Klaus J., Bayes sampling designs for selection procedures, 93-117 [Zbl 0946.62030]
Ghosh, Subir, Jagdish N. Srivastava: Life and contributions of a statistician, a combinatorial mathematician, and a philosopher, xv-xviii [Zbl 0941.01021]
Myers, Wayne; Patil, G. P.; Taillie, Charles, Cluster coordinated composites of diverse datasets on several spatial scales for designing extensive environmental sample surveys: Prospectus on promising protocols, 119-133 [Zbl 1068.62526]
Woodroofe, Michael; Coad, D. Stephen, Corrected confidence sets for sequentially designed experiments: Examples, 135-161 [Zbl 0954.62096]
Politis, Dimitris N.; Paparoditis, Efstathios; Romano, Joseph P., Resampling marked point processes, 163-185 [Zbl 0946.62087]
Andersson, Steen A.; Madigan, David; Perlman, Michael D.; Richardson, Thomas S., Graphical Markov models in multivariate analysis, 187-229 [Zbl 1068.62515]
Kim, Chul-Ki; Lai, Tze Leung, Robust regression with censored and truncated data, 231-263 [Zbl 0941.62080]
Oman, Samuel D., Multivariate calibration, 265-299 [Zbl 0954.62073]
Omori, Yasuhiro; Johnson, Richard A., Some consequences of random effects in multivariate survival models, 301-347 [Zbl 0956.62103]
Koreisha, Sergio G.; Pukkila, Tarmo, A unified methodology for constructing multivariate autoregressive models, 349-368 [Zbl 1068.62519]
Konishi, Sadanori, Statistical model evaluation and information criteria, 369-399 [Zbl 0941.62002]
Marden, John I., Multivariate rank tests, 401-431 [Zbl 0946.62060]
Hayakawa, Takesi, Asymptotic expansions of the distributions of some test statistics for elliptical populations, 433-467 [Zbl 0955.62016]
Dette, Holger; Munk, Axel; Wagner, Thorsten, A review of variance estimators with extensions to multivariate nonparametric regression models, 469-498 [Zbl 0946.62056]
Chakraborty, Biman; Chaudhuri, Probal, On affine invariant sign and rank tests in one- and two-sample multivariate problems, 499-522 [Zbl 1069.62529]
De Leeuw, Jan; Wang, Deborah Y.; Michailidis, George, Correspondence analysis techniques, 523-545 [Zbl 1068.62514]
Srivastava, Muni S.; von Rosen, Dietrich, Growth curve models, 547-578 [Zbl 1068.62513]
Armero, C.; Bayarri, M. J., Dealing with uncertainties in queues and networks of queues: A Bayesian approach, 579-608 [Zbl 0946.62025]
Agin, Marilyn; Chaloner, Kathryn, Optimal Bayesian design for a logistic regression model: Geometric and algebraic approaches, 609-624 [Zbl 0943.62029]
Ohmori, Hiroyuki; Shirakura, Teruhiro, Structure of weighing matrices of small order and weight, 625-648 [Zbl 1068.15500]
The publications of Jagdish N. Srivastava, 649-658 [Zbl 0940.01022]

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