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Branes intersecting at angles. (English) Zbl 0925.81211
Summary: We show that configurations of multiple D-branes related by SU\((N)\) rotations will preserve unbroken supersymmetry. This includes cases in which two D-branes are related by a rotation of arbitrarily small angle, and we discuss some of the physics of this. In particular, we discuss a way of obtaining 4D chiral fermions on the intersection of D-branes. We also rephrase the condition for unbroken supersymmetry as the condition that a ‘generalized holonomy group’ associated with the brane configuration and manifold is reduced, and relate this condition (in type IIA string theory) to a condition in eleven dimensions.

81T30 String and superstring theories; other extended objects (e.g., branes) in quantum field theory
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