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CSL ’89. 3rd Workshop on Computer science logic, Kaiserslautern, Germany, October 2–6, 1989. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0925.00072
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 440. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. vi, 437 p. (1990).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding workshop (2nd, 1988) has been indicated (see Zbl 0709.00020).
Indexed articles:
Ambos-Spies, Klaus; Yang, Dong Ping, Honest polynomial-time degrees of elementary recursive sets, 1-15 [Zbl 0925.03197]
Börger, Egon, A logical operational semantics of full Prolog. I: Selection core and control, 36-64 [Zbl 0925.68301]
Cantone, D.; Cutello, V.; Policriti, A., Set-theoretic reductions of Hilbert’s tenth problem, 65-75 [Zbl 0925.03045]
Dahlhaus, Elias, The complexity of subtheories of the existential linear theory of reals, 76-89 [Zbl 0925.03189]
Dahn, Bernd I., On test classes for universal theories, 90-97 [Zbl 0925.03162]
Decker, Hendrik; Cavedon, Lawrence, Generalizing allowedness while retaining completeness of SLDNF-resolution, 98-115 [Zbl 0925.03060]
Droste, Manfred; Göbel, Rüdiger, Effectively given information systems and domains, 116-142 [Zbl 0925.68303]
Goerdt, Andreas, Davis-Putnam resolution versus unrestricted resolution, 143-162 [Zbl 0925.03055]
Grädel, Erich, On logical descriptions of some concepts in structural complexity theory, 163-175 [Zbl 0925.03186]
Gurevich, Yuri; Moss, Lawrence, Algebraic operational semantics and Occam, 176-192 [Zbl 0925.68302]
Krajíček, Jan; Pudlák, Pavel, Propositional provability and models of weak arithmetic, 193-210 [Zbl 0925.03211]
Leiss, Hans, Polymorphic recursion and semi-unification, 211-224 [Zbl 0925.03065]
Leitsch, Alexander, Deciding Horn classes by hyperresolution, 225-241 [Zbl 0925.03056]
Meinel, Christoph, \(\Omega\)-branching programs of bounded width, 242-253 [Zbl 0925.68152]
Mey, Daniel, A predicate calculus with control of derivations, 254-266 [Zbl 0925.03038]
Mundici, Daniele, Reducibility of monotone formulas to \(\mu\)-formulas, 267-270 [Zbl 0925.03188]
Ohlbach, Hans Jürgen, New ways for developing proof theories for first-order multi modal logics, 271-308 [Zbl 0925.03106]
Parigot, Michel, On the representation of data in lambda-calculus, 309-321 [Zbl 0925.03149]
Pasztor, Ana; Sain, Ildikó, A streamlined temporal completeness theorem, 322-336 [Zbl 0925.03143]
Penczek, Wojciech, A concurrent branching time temporal logic, 337-354 [Zbl 0925.03142]
Priese, Lutz; Nolte, Doris, Semantics for abstract fairness using metric spaces, 355-368 [Zbl 0925.68167]
Speckenmeyer, Ewald; Kemp, Rainer, On the average time complexity of set partitioning, 369-381 [Zbl 0925.68218]
Stärk, Robert F., A direct proof for the completeness of SLD-resolution, 382-383 [Zbl 0925.03049]
Stärk, Robert F., A quantifier-free completion of logic programs, 384-395 [Zbl 0925.68095]
Štěpánková, Olga; Štěpánek, Petr, Stratification of definite clause programs and of general logic programs, 396-408 [Zbl 0925.68102]
Volger, Hugo, The semantics of disjunctive deductive databases, 409-421 [Zbl 0925.68131]
Wette, Elisabeth, Sequential representation of primitive recursive functions, and complexity classes, 422-437 [Zbl 0925.03196]
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