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Multibody dynamics with unilateral contacts. (English) Zbl 0922.70001
Chichester: Wiley. 332 p. (1996).
This is a reference book, called a “resource” for mechanical engineers working with multibody systems where there is significant contact, friction, sliding, and/or impact between the bodies. The book is the latest in a growing collection of volumes on multibody dynamics, but it is dubbed as the only book devoted entirely to the study of contact at joints and couplings of multibody systems. The book is intended to “fill the gap” between theory and application in a variety of problems of interest to engineers and designers.
The book is divided into two parts discussing the theory (part 1) and the applications (part 2). In the first part containing eight chapters, the authors initially review the elements of multibody kinematics and dynamics (chapters 1 to 3). They then proceed to discuss contact kinematics (chapter 4), multiple contact configurations (chapter 5), stick-slip phenomena (chapter 6), and frictionless and non-frictionless impact (chapters 7 and 8). The authors conclude part 1 with a “corner law” (chapter 9) relating constraint forces and motion in contact configurations. In the second part containing five chapters, the authors discuss various applications illustrating force laws, impact, friction, vibration, and damping. These applications include gears and transmissions, clutches, machine tools, and mechanisms.
The book is a welcome addition to the literature on multibody dynamics, and particularly on contact, friction, and impact phenomena. It covers a broad range of phenomena and mechanical configurations which should be of interest and use to designers and analysts of precision equipment. The book, however, requires considerable familiarity of the reader with the concepts and phenomena being discussed. It is not a tutorial, but if used in conjunction with the references cited, it could be very useful in modelling, analysis, and parametric studies for a broad class of contacting mechanical systems.

70-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to mechanics of particles and systems
70E55 Dynamics of multibody systems
70G99 General models, approaches, and methods in mechanics of particles and systems
74M15 Contact in solid mechanics
74M10 Friction in solid mechanics
74M20 Impact in solid mechanics