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Dynamic worlds. From the frame problem to knowledge management. (English) Zbl 0913.00018
Applied Logic Series. 12. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xi, 282 p. (1999).

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Indexed articles:
Martí-Oliet, Narciso; Meseguer, José, Action and change in rewriting logic, 1-53 [Zbl 0930.03028]
Wollowski, Michael; Hammer, Eric, Heterogeneous systems for modeling dynamic worlds, 55-72 [Zbl 0927.68082]
Baral, Chitta; Gelfond, Michael; Watson, Richard, Reasoning about actual and hypothetical occurrences of concurrent and non-deterministic actions, 73-109 [Zbl 0926.68133]
Gabbay, Dov M., Compromise update and revision: A position paper, 111-148 [Zbl 0931.03030]
Dargam, Fátima C. C., A compromise revision model for reconciling updates, 149-194 [Zbl 0926.68134]
Lin, Jinxin; Mendelzon, Alberto O., Knowledge base merging by majority, 195-218 [Zbl 0926.68135]
Bertino, Elisa; Guerrini, Giovanna; Rusca, Luca, Object evolution in object databases, 219-246 [Zbl 0926.68046]
Reimer, Ulrich; Margelisch, Andreas; Novotny, Bernd, Making knowledge-based systems more manageable: A hybrid integration approach to knowledge about actions and their legality, 247-282 [Zbl 0926.68136]
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