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Key papers in the development of coding theory. (English) Zbl 0910.94001
IEEE Press Selected Reprint Series. New York, NY: IEEE, viii, 288 p. (1974).
From the editor’s preface: This volume is a collection of reprints of original papers in coding theory, with a few short notes and comments inserted by the editor. This volume and a complementary volume on the Shannon theory edited by D. Slepian, were both compiled at the invitation of the Administrative Committee of the IEEE Group on Information Theory under the leadership of its 1972 President, T. M. Cover. These two volumes will help to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Shannon’s classic paper. The responsibility for selecting which papers to include in this volume is entirely my own. It is a reflection of my own tastes and judgements. I am sure that no other editor would have selected precisely the same set of papers, although there would certainly be some overlap. The reader who wishes to make such comparisons should also examine I. Blake’s ‘Selected papers on algebraic coding theory’ [Dowden, Hutchinson and Ross, Stroudsburg, Pa. (1973)]. The aricles are grouped into Part I: The early work, Part II: Constructions for block codes, Part III: Decoding algorithms for block codes, Part IV: Convolutional codes and sequential decoding, and Part V: Distance bounds, perfect codes, and weight structure.

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