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Proceedings of the 3rd symposium of mathematics and its applications, Timişoara, Romania, November 3-4, 1989. (English, French) Zbl 0881.00030
Timişoara: Timişoara Research Centre of the Romanian Academy, Timişoara: “Traian Vuia” Polytechnical Institute, Department of Mathematics, vi, 272 p. (1990).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The preceding symposium (3, 1987) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0658.00004).
Indexed articles:
Bânzaru, T.; Crivăţ, N., Almost uniform convergence for nets of multifunctions, 1-4 [Zbl 0966.54500]
Raşa, I., Differential inequalities for convex functions, 5-8 [Zbl 0966.26504]
Toader, Gh., A hierarchy of convexity of order three of functions, 9-12 [Zbl 0966.26503]
Ciupa, A., On the remainder in the approximation formula of functions by means of Stancu’s operator, 13-18 [Zbl 0966.41501]
Neamţu, D.; Neamţu, N.; Laziun, V., About some mean formulas, 19-22 [Zbl 0966.26500]
Mitrea, A.-I., On the divergence of Lagrange interpolation processes in the space of bounded functions, 23-26 [Zbl 0966.41500]
Coţiu, A., An extension of the Adams formula for the numerical integration of first-order differential equations, 27-32 [Zbl 0966.65501]
Kovács, A., The solution of a Dirichlet problem modified in a multiply connected domain, with the aid of potential theory, 33-38 [Zbl 0966.35501]
Druzenco, V., System of nodes in the numerical integration method with constant nodes, 39-40 [Zbl 0966.65500]
Topuzu, E., Remarks on some properties of solutions of a linear discrete-time system, 41-45 [Zbl 0966.39500]
Niţoiu, R., Geometric objects on a foliated differential manifold, 63-67 [Zbl 0966.53523]
Mihailov, D.; Stan, I.; Laziun, V., Operator ideals on Banach \(n\)-tuples and interpolation, 68-74 [Zbl 0966.47501]
Dragomir, S. S.; Pečarić, J. E.; Sándor, J., The Chebyshev inequality in pre-Hilbertian spaces. II, 75-78 [Zbl 0966.46503]
Dragomir, S. S.; Ionescu, N. M., Some refinements of Cauchy-Buniakowski-Schwarz inequality for sequences, 79-82 [Zbl 0966.26506]
Dragomir, S. S., Local representation of the distance functional in inner-product spaces, 83-86 [Zbl 0966.46504]
Sándor, J., Inequalities for means, 87-90 [Zbl 0966.26505]
Tudor, M. Gh.; Laziun, V., Study of the distribution of zeros of certain classes of functions. I, 105-109 [Zbl 0966.30500]
Izvercian, P. N.; Popescu, C., \(A\)-modules of functions representable on algebras, 110-114 [Zbl 0966.13500]
Schwab, Emil, Embedding of a monoid in a regular monoid, 115-116 [Zbl 0966.20501]
Dragomir, A.-D., Referring to a model that generalizes the rhombohedron, 117-122 [Zbl 0966.52500]
Anghelescu, R.; Anghelescu, V., Approaches to stochastic problems of vector optimization. I, 123-128 [Zbl 0966.90504]
Constantin, I.; Dănilescu, A., On a class of stochastic equations and applications, 129-132 [Zbl 0966.60500]
Lipovan, O., Integration in random normed spaces. I, 133-138 [Zbl 0966.28500]
Goleţ, I., On the approximation of functions with values in random normed spaces, 139-144 [Zbl 0966.46509]
Rendi, D., Connexions on fiber bundles generated by vector fields, 189-192 [Zbl 0966.53520]
Radu, F., The inner product with respect to a family of paths on a differentiable manifold, 193-196 [Zbl 0966.53521]
Mihuţ, I., Differential forms on foliated fibre bundles, 197-200 [Zbl 0966.58500]
Teodorescu, D. I., On the distance from a point to a linear manifold of a pre-Hilbert point space, 201-204 [Zbl 0966.46500]
Teodorescu, D. I., On the volume of an parallelized in a pre-Hilbert point space, 205-208 [Zbl 0966.46502]
Teodorescu, D. I., On the vector product on an \(n\)-dimensional Euclidean space \(E_n\), 209-214 [Zbl 0966.51500]
Teodorescu, D. I., On the distance between two linear manifolds of a pre-Hilbert point space., 215-218 [Zbl 0966.46501]
Stavre, P.; Klepp, F. C., Normal connections and mean connections on the total space of a vector bundle, 224-228 [Zbl 0966.53522]
Constantinescu, A. A., On the energy release rate in three-dimensional crack propagation, 229-234 [Zbl 0966.74500]
Bota, C.; Stoica, L., Some remarks on a theorem of type Van Est, 235-237 [Zbl 0966.58501]
Boja, N.; Ivan, M.; Dănilescu, A., The spatial metric tensor for a special kind of deformed curved shells, 238-242 [Zbl 0966.74503]
Matei, St., On some special numeroidal structures, 255-257 [Zbl 0966.06505]
Uroşu, C., Some properties of congruences of primary algebras, 265-268 [Zbl 0966.08500]
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