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Recent advances in optimization. Proceedings of the 8th French-German conference on Optimization. Trier, Germany, 21–26, 1996. (English) Zbl 0868.00068
Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. 452. Berlin: Springer. viii, 379 p. DM 98.00; öS 715.40; sFr 86.50; £40.50; $ 73.00 (1997).

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Indexed articles:
Antipin, Anatoly, Equilibrium programming problems: Prox-regularization and prox-methods, 1-18 [Zbl 0898.90124]
Demyanov, V. F.; Aban’kin, A. E., Conically equivalent pairs of convex sets, 19-33 [Zbl 0898.90120]
Du, Dingzhu; Pardalos, Panos M., Global minimax approaches for solving discrete problems, 34-48 [Zbl 0898.90097]
Flåm, Sjur Didrik, Gradient approaches to equilibrium, 49-60 [Zbl 0898.90098]
Ginchev, I.; Hoffmann, A., On the best approximation of set-valued functions, 61-74 [Zbl 0882.41017]
Görges, Christiane; Ratschek, Helmut, \(\varepsilon\)-intervals in nonsmooth optimization, 75-89 [Zbl 0898.90122]
Hamdi, A.; Mahey, P.; Dussault, J. P., A new decomposition method in nonconvex programming via a separable augmented Lagrangian, 90-104 [Zbl 0882.65055]
Hamel, Andreas, Suboptimal solutions of control problems for distributed parameter systems, 105-118 [Zbl 0881.49016]
Illés, Tibor; Roos, Cornelis; Terlaky, Tamás, Polynomial affine-scaling algorithms for \(P_*(\kappa)\) linear complementary problems, 119-137 [Zbl 0914.90251]
Kaplan, A.; Tichatschke, R., Multi-step proximal method for variational inequalities with monotone operators, 138-153 [Zbl 0902.47055]
Lemaire, Bernard, Which fixed point does the iteration method select?, 154-167 [Zbl 0882.65042]
Levitin, Evgeny S., On differential properties of approximate optimal solutions in parametric semi-infinite programming, 168-182 [Zbl 1058.90523]
Le Tu Luc; Le Dung Muu, Global optimization approach to optimizing over the efficient set, 183-195 [Zbl 1028.90532]
Moudafi, A.; Théra, M., Combining the auxiliary problem principle with approximation methods, 196-213 [Zbl 0898.90102]
Namm, R. V., Stable methods for ill-posed variational inequalities in mechanics, 214-228 [Zbl 0894.73226]
Noll, Dominikus, Variational methods in image restoration, 229-245 [Zbl 0910.65113]
Outrata, J. V., On a special class of mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints, 246-260 [Zbl 0899.90154]
Recht, Peter, On the reconstruction problem for nondifferentiable functions, 261-281 [Zbl 0881.49011]
Robinson, Stephen M., Nonsmooth continuation for generalized equations, 282-291 [Zbl 0890.47034]
Rolewicz, Stefan, Locally monotone multifunctions in spaces without linearity, 292-297 [Zbl 0890.47033]
Schmitt, Horst, On the regularized Bingham problem, 298-314 [Zbl 0881.49027]
Spellucci, P., Numerical experiments with modern methods for large scale QP-problems, 315-335 [Zbl 1058.90515]
Stavroulakis, G. E.; Goeleven, D., Models of singular variational inequalities and complementarity problems arising in FEM and BEM unilateral contact problems, 336-347 [Zbl 0894.73229]
Stein, Oliver, Trap-doors in the solution set of semi-infinite optimization problems, 348-355 [Zbl 1058.90522]
Thibault, Lionel, On compactly Lipschitzian mappings, 356-364 [Zbl 0892.49010]
Volle, Michel, Quasiconvex duality for the max of two functions, 365-379 [Zbl 0921.49027]

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