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Understanding strategic interaction. Essays in honor of Reinhard Selten. (English) Zbl 0866.00071
Berlin: Springer. x, 517 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Binmore, Ken, A note on imperfect recall, 51-62 [Zbl 0874.90220]
Harstad, Ronald M.; Phlips, Louis, Futures market contracting. When you don’t know who the optimists are, 63-78 [Zbl 0874.90222]
Maschler, Michael, Games of incomplete information: The inconsistent case, 79-84 [Zbl 0879.90195]
Wilson, Robert, Admissibility and stability, 85-99 [Zbl 0874.90203]
van Damme, Eric, Equilibrium selection in team games, 100-110 [Zbl 0874.90205]
Myerson, Roger B., Sustainable equilibria in culturally familiar games, 111-121 [Zbl 0876.90091]
Hammerstein, Peter, Evolutionary conflict and the design of life, 122-127 [Zbl 0876.90112]
Björnerstedt, Jonas; Dufwenberg, Martin; Norman, Peter; Weibull, Jörgen W., Evolutionary selection dynamics and irrational survivors, 128-148 [Zbl 0879.90204]
Shmida, Avi; Peleg, Bezalel, Strict and symmetric correlated equilibria are the distributions of the ESS’s of biological conflicts with asymmetric roles, 149-170 [Zbl 0876.90113]
Jackson, Matthew; Kalai, Ehud, Recurring bullies, trembling and learning, 171-184 [Zbl 0876.90106]
Quint, Thomas; Shubik, Martin; Yan, Dicky, Dumb bugs vs. bright noncooperative players: A comparison, 185-197 [Zbl 0876.90107]
Friedman, Eric J.; Marschak, Thomas, Communication effort in teams and in games, 198-216 [Zbl 0876.90036]
Winter, Eyal, Endogenous agendas in committees, 217-227 [Zbl 0876.90101]
Okada, Akira, The organization of social cooperation: A noncooperative approach, 228-242 [Zbl 0876.90095]
Güth, Werner; Strobel, Martin; Wickström, Bengt-Arne, Equilibrium selection in linguistic games: Kial ni (ne) parolas esperanton?, 257-269 [Zbl 0876.90111]
Moldovanu, Benny, Are stable demands vectors in the core of two-sided markets? Some graph-theoretical considerations, 270-278 [Zbl 0876.90097]
Owen, Guillermo, The consistent solution for non-atomic games, 279-285 [Zbl 0876.90098]
Rosenmüller, Joachim, Finite convergence of the core in a piecewise linear market game, 286-304 [Zbl 0876.90027]
Reny, Philip J.; Wooders, Myrna Holtz, Credible threats of secession, partnership, and commonwealths, 305-312 [Zbl 0876.90099]
Albers, Wulf, A model of boundedly rational experienced bargaining in characteristic function games, 365-385 [Zbl 0876.90096]
Bornstein, Gary; Winter, Eyal; Goren, Harel, Cooperation in intergroup and single-group prisoner’s dilemma games, 418-429 [Zbl 0876.90104]

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Selten, Reinhard