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Maximum entropy and Bayesian methods. Proceedings of the 15th international workshop, Santa Fe, NM, USA, July 31–August 4, 1995. (English) Zbl 0855.00029
Fundamental Theories of Physics. 79. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xxii, 451 p. (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 13th conference (1993) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0845.00049).
Indexed articles:
Hawkins, R. J.; Rubinstein, M.; Daniell, G. J., Reconstruction of the probability density function implicit in option prices from incomplete and noisy data, 1-8 [Zbl 0886.62011]
Berliner, L. Mark, Hierarchical Bayesian time series models, 15-22 [Zbl 0886.62080]
West, Mike, Bayesian time series: Models and computations for the analysis of time series in the physical sciences, 23-34 [Zbl 0886.62034]
Csiszár, I., Maxent, mathematics, and information theory, 35-50 [Zbl 0886.62007]
Dowe, D. L.; Oliver, J. J.; Baxter, R. A.; Wallace, C. S., Bayesian estimation of the von Mises concentration parameter, 51-59 [Zbl 0886.62027]
Geiger, Dan; Heckerman, David, A characterization of the Dirichlet distribution with application to learning Bayesian networks, 61-68 [Zbl 0886.62016]
Wolpert, David H., The bootstrap is inconsistent with probability theory, 69-76 [Zbl 0886.62005]
Keren, Daniel; Werman, Michael, Data-driven priors for hyperparameters in regularization, 77-84 [Zbl 0886.62039]
Tchoumatchenko, I.; Ganascia, J.-G., Mixture modeling to incorporate meaningful constraints into learning, 85-92 [Zbl 0886.62013]
Kreinovich, V.; Nguyen, H. T.; Walker, E. A., Maximum entropy (MaxEnt) method in expert systems and intelligent control: New possibilities and limitations, 93-100 [Zbl 0891.68084]
Press, S. James, The de Finetti transform, 101-108 [Zbl 0901.62003]
Gee, J. C.; Peralta, P. D., Continuum models for Bayesian image matching, 109-116 [Zbl 0886.92019]
Rangarajan, Anand; Lee, Soo-Jin; Gindi, Gene, Mechanical models as priors in Bayesian tomographic reconstruction, 117-124 [Zbl 0901.62046]
Hanson, K. M.; Cunningham, G. S., The Bayes inference engine, 125-134 [Zbl 0900.62147]
Mohammad-Djafari, Ali, A full Bayesian approach for inverse problems, 135-144 [Zbl 0886.62031]
Puetter, R. C., Pixon-based multiresolution image reconstruction and quantification of image information content, 145-152 [Zbl 0900.62043]
Wu, Miao-Dan; Fitzgerald, William J., Bayesian multimodal evidence computation by adaptive tempering MCMC, 153-161 [Zbl 0901.62044]
Gubernatis, J. E.; Bonča, J.; Jarrell, Mark, Bayesian inference and the analytic continuation of imaginary-time quantum Monte Carlo data, 163-170 [Zbl 0886.62029]
Preuss, R.; von der Linden, W.; Hanke, W., Spectral properties from quantum Monte Carlo data: A consistent approach, 171-178 [Zbl 0894.62034]
Pang, Hanbin; Akhlaghpour, H.; Jarrell, M., An application of maximum entropy method to dynamical correlation functions at zero temperature, 179-186 [Zbl 0900.81104]
Silver, R. N.; Roeder, H.; Voter, A. F.; Kress, J. D., Chebyshev moment problems: Maximum entropy and kernel polynomial methods, 187-194 [Zbl 0900.82001]
Lafferty, John D.; Suhm, Bernhard, Cluster expansions and iterative scaling for maximum entropy language models, 195-202 [Zbl 0900.82002]
Fischer, R.; von der Linden, W.; Dose, V., On the importance of \(\alpha\) marginalization in maximum entropy, 229-236 [Zbl 0900.62664]
Youssef, Saul, Quantum mechanics as an exotic probability theory, 237-244 [Zbl 0895.60102]
Dose, V.; von der Linden, W.; Garrett, A., Bayesian parameter estimation of nuclear fusion confinement time scaling laws, 245-250 [Zbl 0900.62146]
Boulanger, P., Hierarchical segmentation of range and color image based on Bayesian decision theory, 251-259 [Zbl 0889.62004]
Skilling, John; Sibisi, Sibusiso, Priors on measures, 261-270 [Zbl 0886.62033]
Wolpert, David H., Determining whether two data sets are from the same distribution, 271-276 [Zbl 0886.62035]
Balasubramanian, Vijay, Occam’s razor for parametric families and priors on the space of distributions, 277-284 [Zbl 0886.62004]
Dubertret, B.; Rivier, N.; Schliecker, G., Skin and maximum entropy: A hidden complicity?, 285-294 [Zbl 0885.92004]
Snapp, Robert R., Predicting the accuracy of Bayes classifiers, 295-302 [Zbl 0886.62064]
Shapiro, Jonathan L.; Rattray, Magnus; Prügel-Bennett, Adam, Maximum entropy analysis of genetic algorithms, 303-310 [Zbl 0886.62012]
Deco, G.; Schürmann, B., Dual statistical mechanical theory for unsupervised and supervised learning, 317-321 [Zbl 0891.68085]
Dublanchet, F.; Duvaut, P.; Idier, J., Complex sinusoid analysis by Bayesian deconvolution of the discrete Fourier transform, 323-328 [Zbl 0886.62028]
Faynzilberg, Peter S., Statistical mechanics of choice, 329-334 [Zbl 0885.90003]
Fry, Robert L., Rational neural models based on information theory, 335-340 [Zbl 0895.94007]
Holender, Wlodek, A new entropy measure with the explicit notion of complexity, 341-346 [Zbl 0895.94005]
Jordan, Richard; Turkington, Bruce, Maximum entropy states and coherent structures in magnetohydrodynamics, 347-353 [Zbl 0923.76346]
Dukes, P. R.; Larson, E. G., A lognormal state of knowledge, 355-359 [Zbl 0886.62008]
Miller, G.; Inkret, W. C., Bayesian methods for interpreting plutonium urinalysis data, 367-373 [Zbl 0886.62106]
Pitre, Richard, The information content of sonar echoes, 375-380 [Zbl 0895.94009]
Evrard, Guillaume, Objective prior for cosmological parameters, 381-386 [Zbl 0900.85031]
Faynzilberg, Peter S., Meal estimation: Acceptable-likelihood extensions of maxent, 387-392 [Zbl 0886.62009]
Fröhner, F. H., On curve fitting with two-dimensional uncertainties, 393-405 [Zbl 0886.62010]
Gideoni, I., Bayesian inference in search for the \(IN\) \(VIVO T_2\) decay-rate distribution in human brain, 407-412 [Zbl 0900.62595]
Mottershead, C. T., Maximum entropy tomography, 425-430 [Zbl 0888.92024]
Sacchi, M. D.; Ulrych, T. J., Bayesian regularization of some seismic operators, 431-436 [Zbl 0886.62032]
Sastry, Srikanth; Vanmeter, John W.; Carson, Richard E., Multimodality Bayesian algorithm for image reconstruction in positron emission tomography, 437-441 [Zbl 0891.92020]
von der Linden, W.; Fischer, R.; Dose, V., Evidence integrals, 443-448 [Zbl 0895.94006]

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