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Computational fluid dynamics review 1995. (English) Zbl 0853.76002
Chichester: John Wiley & Sons. viii, 932 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Lax, Peter D., Computational fluid dynamics at the Courant Institute, 1-5 [Zbl 0875.01005]
Marchuk, Guri I., Progress in numerical methods and mathematical models in the Institute of numerical mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 6-18 [Zbl 0875.01006]
Godunov, S. K.; Romensky, E. I., Thermodynamics, conservation laws, and symmetric forms of differential equations in mechanics of continuous media, 19-30 [Zbl 0875.73025]
Lions, J. L., Conjectures and remarks on the controllability of Navier-Stokes and Stokes equations in 2D, 31-36 [Zbl 0875.76072]
Kreiss, Heinz-Otto, On the limitation of calculations in fluid dynamics, 37-53 [Zbl 0875.76381]
Eiseman, Peter R., Automatic structured grid generation, 54-69 [Zbl 0875.76520]
Meakin, Robert L., The chimera method of simulation for unsteady three-dimensional viscous flow, 70-86 [Zbl 0875.76392]
Nakahashi, Kazuhiro, Prismatic grid method, 87-105 [Zbl 0875.76475]
Probert, E. J.; Hassan, O.; Morgan, K.; Peraire, J.; Weatherill, N. P., Unstructures mesh procedures for the simulation of transient compressible inviscid flows with moving boundaries, 106-112 [Zbl 0875.76309]
Gustafsson, Bertil, High order difference methods on structured grids, 113-123 [Zbl 0875.76347]
Lerat, A., Multidimensional centered schemes of the Lax-Wendroff type, 124-140 [Zbl 0875.76363]
Paillere, H.; Deconinck, H., A review of multidimensional upwind residual distribution schemes for the Euler equations, 141-160 [Zbl 0875.76396]
Deshpande, S. M., Kinetic flux splitting schemes, 161-181 [Zbl 0875.76360]
Osher, Stanley, Subscale capturing in computational fluid dynamics, 182-196 [Zbl 0875.76391]
Sethian, J. A., Algorithms for tracking interfaces in CFD and material science, 197-209 [Zbl 0875.76397]
Engquist, Bjorn; Sjogreen, Bjorn, High order shock capturing methods, 210-233 [Zbl 0875.76348]
Fu, Dexun; Ma, Yanwen, High resolution schemes, 234-250 [Zbl 0875.76349]
Liou, Meng-Sing; Wada, Yasuhiro, A quest towards ultimate numerical flux schemes, 251-278 [Zbl 0875.76321]
Nicolaides, R. A.; Porsching, T. A.; Hall, C. A., Covolume methods in computational fluid dynamics, 279-299 [Zbl 0875.76410]
Tezduyar, T. E.; Behr, M.; Hughes, T. J. R., High performance finite element computation of fluid dynamics problems, 300-321 [Zbl 0875.76249]
Maday, Y.; Rønquist, E. M., Spectral element approximation on curved geometries, 322-333 [Zbl 0875.76483]
Kamemoto, Kyoji, On attractive features of the vortex methods, 334-353 [Zbl 0875.76467]
Bauer, F.; Bledsoe, M.; Chen, C.; Garabedian, P., Solution of elliptic equations by the method of complex characteristics, 354-356 [Zbl 0875.76482]
Glowinski, Roland; Kearsley, Anthony J.; Pan, Tsorng-Whay; Periaux, Jacques, Fictitious domain methods for viscous flow simulation, 357-381 [Zbl 0875.76426]
Hui, W. H., Generalized Lagrangian formulation of computational fluid dynamics, 382-398 [Zbl 0875.76346]
Viviand, Henri, Analysis of pseudo-compressibility systems for compressible and incompressible flows, 399-418 [Zbl 0875.76554]
Merkle, Charles L., Preconditioning methods for viscous flow calculations, 419-436 [Zbl 0875.76385]
Saad, Yousef, Preconditioned Krylov subspace methods: An overview, 437-456 [Zbl 0875.76474]
Sleijpen, Gerard L. G.; Van der Vorst, Henk A., Hybrid bi-conjugate gradient methods for CFD problems, 457-476 [Zbl 0875.76431]
Hemker, P. W.; Koren, B.; Lioen, W. M.; Nool, M.; van der Maarel, H. T. M., Multigrid for steady gas dynamics problems, 477-494 [Zbl 0875.76452]
Jameson, Antony, Optimum aerodynamic design using control theory, 495-528 [Zbl 0875.76497]
Mohammadi, Bijan; Pironneau, Olivier, New tools for automatic aerodynamic shape design, 529-540 [Zbl 0875.76494]
Chen, H. Q.; Mantel, B.; Periaux, J.; Sefrioui, M., Genetic method for optimization and industrial applications, 541-547 [Zbl 0875.76492]
Gunzburger, Max D., Flow control and optimization, 548-566 [Zbl 0875.76490]
Caughey, David A., Computation of transonic flows, 567-579 [Zbl 0875.76523]
Krause, Egon, Computation of flows with vortices, 580-595 [Zbl 0875.76522]
Roesner, K. G., Rotating flow systems, 596-613 [Zbl 0875.76658]
Schnerr, Günther H.; Adam, Stephan; Lanzenberger, Kai; Schulz, Ralf, Multiphase flows: Condensation and cavitation problems, 614-640 [Zbl 0875.76642]
Virk, Davinder; Schoppa, Wade; Hussain, Fazle, DNS studies of vortex dynamics of relevance to turbulent flows, 641-678 [Zbl 0875.76147]
Dubois, T.; Jauberteau, F.; Temam, R., Dynamical multilevel methods in turbulence simulation, 679-694 [Zbl 0875.76412]
Nagano, Y.; Shimada, M., Computational modeling and simulation of turbulent flows, 695-714 [Zbl 0875.76146]
Warnatz, Jürgen, Modelling and simulation of reacting flows including detailed chemical reaction, 715-730 [Zbl 0875.76670]
Gartling, D. K.; Reddy, J. N., Numerical simulation of flows of non-Newtonian and viscoelastic fluids, 731-754 [Zbl 0875.76281]
Löhner, Rainald; Yang, Chi; Cebral, Juan; Baum, Joseph D.; Luo, Hong; Pelessone, Daniele; Charman, Charles, Fluid-structure interaction using a loose coupling algorithm and adaptive unstructured grids, 755-776 [Zbl 0875.73165]
Shyy, Wei; Smith, Rick, Computation of laminar flow and flexible structure interaction, 777-796 [Zbl 0875.76408]
Agarwal, R. K.; Huh, Kevin S., Scattering of sound by rigid bodies in arbitrary flows, 797-820 [Zbl 0875.76478]
Shankar, Vijaya; Hall, William F.; Mohammadian, Alireza; Rowel, Chris, Development of a CFD-based algorithm for computational electromagnetics (CEM), 821-836 [Zbl 0875.76524]
Axelsson, Owe; Neytcheva, Maya, Scalable parallel algorithms in CFD computations, 837-857 [Zbl 0875.76545]
Häuser, Jochem; Williams, Roy D.; Schröder, Wolfgang, Parallel compuational fluid dynamics for complex geometries, 858-878 [Zbl 0875.76540]
Kallinderis, Y., Parallel adaptive Navier-Stokes method and load balancing with hybrid prismatic/tetrahedral grids, 879-903 [Zbl 0875.76468]
Gerald-Yamasaki, Michael; Hultquist, Jeff; Bryson, Steve; Kenwright, David; Lane, David; Walatka, Pamela; Clucas, Jean; Watson, Velvin, Visualization of computational fluid dynamics, 904-930 [Zbl 0875.76552]

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