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5th generation computer systems 1992. International conference, FGCS ’92. Japan 1992, Vol. 2. (English) Zbl 0853.00057
Amsterdam: IOS Press. XII, 755 p. Dfl. 180.00 /hc (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Kawamura, Tadashi, Logic program synthesis from first order logic specifications, 463-472 [Zbl 0862.68014]
Martens, Bern; De Schreye, Danny; Bruynooghe, Maurice, Sound and complete partial deduction with unfolding based on well-founded measures, 473-480 [Zbl 0862.68015]
De Schreye, Danny; Verschaetse, Kristof; Bruynooghe, Maurice, A framework for analysing the termination of definite logic programs with respect to call patterns, 481-488 [Zbl 0862.68016]
Plümer, Lutz, Automatic verification of GHC-programs: Termination, 489-496 [Zbl 0862.68017]
Arima, Jun, Logical structure of analogy. Preliminary report, 505-513 [Zbl 0862.68102]
Preist, Chris; Eshghi, Kave, Consistency-based and abductive diagnoses as generalised stable models, 514-521 [Zbl 0862.68103]
Ohta, Yoshihiko; Inoue, Katsumi, A forward-chaining hypothetical reasoner based on upside-down meta-interpretation, 522-529 [Zbl 0862.68096]
Poole, David, Logic programming, abduction and probability, 530-538 [Zbl 0862.68018]
Cox, P. T.; Knill, E.; Pietrzykowski, T., Abduction in logic programming with equality, 539-545 [Zbl 0868.68016]
Dung, Phan Minh, Acyclic disjunctive logic programs with abductive procedure as proof procedure, 555-561 [Zbl 0868.68017]
Pereira, Luís Moniz; Alferes, José J.; Aparício, Joaquim N., Adding closed world assumptions to well founded semantics, 562-569 [Zbl 0862.68071]
Bossi, A.; Gabbrielli, M.; Levi, G.; Meo, M. C., Contributions to the semantics of open logic programs, 570-580 [Zbl 0868.68018]
Giacobazzi, Roberto; Debray, Saumya K.; Levi, Giorgio, A generalized semantics for constraint logic programs, 581-591 [Zbl 0862.68072]
Sakama, Chiaki, Extended well-founded semantics for paraconsistent logic programs, 592-599 [Zbl 0862.68073]
Reiter, Raymond, Formalizing database evolution in the situation calculus, 600-609 [Zbl 0862.68040]
Idestam-Almquist, Peter, Learning missing clauses by inverse resolution, 610-617 [Zbl 0862.68090]
Arikawa, Setsuo; Kuhara, Satoru; Miyano, Satoru; Mukouchi, Yasuhito; Shinohara, Ayumi; Shinohara, Takeshi, A machine discovery from amino acid sequences by decision trees over regular patterns, 618-625 [Zbl 0862.68091]
Carpineto, Claudio, Efficient induction of version spaces through constrained language shift, 626-633 [Zbl 0862.68092]
Bruschi, Massimo, Theorem proving engine and strategy description language, 634-642 [Zbl 0862.68097]
Kim, Byeong; Lee, Sang Ho; Maeng, Seung Ryoul; Cho, Jung Wan, A new algorithm for subsumption test, 643-649 [Zbl 0862.68098]
Denecker, Marc; De Schreye, Danny, On the duality of abduction and model generation, 650-657 [Zbl 0862.68019]
Takayama, Yukihide, Defining concurrent processes constructively, 658-665 [Zbl 0862.68020]
Tatsuta, Makoto, Realizability interpretation of coinductive definitions and program synthesis with streams, 666-673 [Zbl 0860.03028]
Poirriez, Vincent, MLOG: A strongly typed confluent functional language with logical variables, 674-681 [Zbl 0864.68013]
Darlington, John; Guo, Yi-ke; Pull, Helen, A new perspective on integrating functional and logic languages, 682-693 [Zbl 0864.68014]
Isozaki, Hideki; Shoham, Yoav, A mechanism for reasoning about time and belief, 694-701 [Zbl 0864.68081]
Montanari, Angelo; Maim, Enrico; Ciapessoni, Emanuele; Ratto, Elena, Dealing with time granularity in the event calculus, 702-712 [Zbl 0864.68101]
Barklund, Jonas; Millroth, Håkan, Providing iteration and concurrency in logic programs through bounded quantifications, 817-824 [Zbl 0864.68015]
Cheng, Anthony S. K.; Paterson, Ross A., An implementation for a higher level logic programming language, 825-832 [Zbl 0862.68021]
Alliot, Jean-Marc; Herzig, Andreas; Lima-Marques, Mamede, Implementing Prolog extensions: A parallel inference machine, 833-842 [Zbl 0864.68016]
Tanaka, Jiro; Matono, Fumio, Constructing and collapsing a reflective tower in reflective guarded Horn clauses, 877-886 [Zbl 0862.68022]
Corradini, Andrea; Montanari, Ugo; Rossi, Francesca, CHARM: Concurrency and hiding in an abstract rewriting machine, 887-896 [Zbl 0864.68054]
Horiuchi, Kenji, Less abstract semantics for abstract interpretation of FGHC programs, 897-906 [Zbl 0864.68059]
Lin, Eileen Tien; Omiecinski, Edward; Yalamanchili, Sudhakar, Parallel optimization and execution of large join queries, 907-914 [Zbl 0864.68033]
Lefebvre, Alexandre, Towards an efficient evaluation of recursive aggregates in deductive databases, 915-925 [Zbl 0862.68041]
Le Provost, Thierry; Wallace, Mark, Domain independent propagation, 1004-1011 [Zbl 0862.68023]
Aït-Kaci, Hassan; Podelski, Andreas; Smolka, Gert, A feature-based constraint system for logic programming with entailment, 1012-1021 [Zbl 0862.68024]
Ishida, Yoshiteru, Logical implementation of dynamical models, 1030-1035 [Zbl 0862.68088]
Watari, Shigeru; Honda, Yasuaki; Tokoro, Mario, Morphe: A constraint-based object-oriented language supporting situated knowledge, 1044-1051 [Zbl 0862.68012]
Hasida, Kôiti, Dynamics of symbol systems – an integrated architecture of cognition –, 1141-1148 [Zbl 0862.68089]
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