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Workshop domains II, Braunschweig, Germany, May 3–5, 1996. (English, German) Zbl 0852.00024
Technische Universität Braunschweig. Informatik-Berichte. 96-04. Braunschweig: TU Braunschweig, vi, 238 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Berger, Ulrich, Density theorems for the domains-with-totality semantics of dependent types, 1-35 [Zbl 0865.03043]
Berghammer, Rudolf; von Karger, Burghard, A unified relational approach to semantics of nondeterministic applicative programs, 37-52 [Zbl 0861.68053]
Erné, Marcel, \({\mathcal Z}\)-continuous posets and their topological manifestation, 53-87 [Zbl 0862.06002]
Heckmann, Reinhold, Approximation of metric spaces by partial metric spaces, 89-100 [Zbl 0865.54027]
Huth, Michael, On the approximation of denotational mu-semantics, 101-127 [Zbl 0859.68058]
Kegelmann, Mathias, Factorisation systems on domains, 129-142 [Zbl 0860.18003]
Koslowski, Jürgen, A convenient category for games and interaction, 143-157 [Zbl 0869.18002]
Marz, Michael, An algebraic view on recursive types, 159-169 [Zbl 0864.03010]
Pollara, Victor J., Free algebras as coproducts, 171-174 [Zbl 0861.18001]
Reus, Bernhard, Axiomatizing (complete) extensional PERs, 175-194 [Zbl 0938.18004]
Streicher, Thomas, Inductive construction of repletion, 195-216 [Zbl 0938.18005]
Struckmann, W., A class of ordered partial-additive categories, 217-220 [Zbl 0859.18007]
Velebil, Jiří, Categorical generalization of a universal domain, 221-238 [Zbl 0867.18004]
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