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Graph theory and its applications: East and West. Proceedings of the first China-USA international conference, held in Jinan, China, June 9–20, 1986. (English) Zbl 0788.00046
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 576. New York: New York Academy of Sciences. x, 724 p. (1989).

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Indexed articles:
Aissen, Michael; Shay, Brian, Numerical codes for operation trees, 1-19 [Zbl 0793.05051]
Alavi, Yousef; Chartrand, Gary; Lick, Don R.; Swart, Henda C., Highly regular graphs, 20-29 [Zbl 0792.05093]
Andersen, Lars Døvling; Hilton, A. J. W., Extending edge-colorings of complete graphs and independent edges, 30-41 [Zbl 0792.05051]
Bari, Ruth A.; Crawford, Carol G., Almost proper line colorings and near chromatic polynomials, 42-50 [Zbl 0793.05057]
Bermond, J.-C.; Bond, J., Combinatorial designs and hypergraphs of diameter one, 51-62 [Zbl 0792.05107]
Bollobás, Béla; Wierman, John C., Subgraph counts and containment probabilities of balanced and unbalanced subgraphs in a large random graph, 63-70 [Zbl 0792.05122]
Buckley, Fred, Self-centered graphs, 71-78 [Zbl 0792.05050]
Capobianco, Michael F., What is a graph? Three possible answers, 79-85 [Zbl 0792.05136]
Chang, X. M.; Hwang, F. K.; Weng, J. F., Group testing with two and three defectives, 86-96 [Zbl 0800.62628]
Chao, Chong-Yun; Dong, Chun-Fei, On a class of identity graphs, 97-106 [Zbl 0793.05066]
Chen, Chuanping; Zhu, Yongjin, On the longest cycles in a class of 3-connected graphs, 107-117 [Zbl 0793.05080]
Chinn, P. Z.; Richter, R. B.; Truszczyński, M., Sunlike primal graphs, 118-124 [Zbl 0792.05108]
Egawa, Yoshimi, Nonseparating cycles in graphs, 125-127 [Zbl 0793.05094]
Enomoto, Hikoe, A review of connectivity and \(k\)-factors, 128-131 [Zbl 0792.05089]
Erdős, Paul, Some problems and results on combinatorial number theory, 132-145 [Zbl 0790.11015]
Erdős, Paul; Faudree, Ralph J.; Rousseau, C. C.; Schelp, R. H., Multipartite graph-tree Ramsey numbers, 146-154 [Zbl 0792.05103]
Erdős, Paul; Faudree, Ralph J.; Schelp, R. H.; Simonovits, M., An extremal result for paths, 155-162 [Zbl 0792.05076]
Fang, Zu-Yao, Rotation numbers for a class of rooted graphs, 163-169 [Zbl 0793.05082]
Fernandez, L.; Levinson, H.; Seglin, M., A discrete mathematical model for learning and intelligence, 170-177 [Zbl 0790.68099]
Foulds, L. R.; Giffin, J. W., Some graph-theoretic approaches to certain facilities layout models, 178-191 [Zbl 0792.90034]
Frank, Ove, Random graph mixtures, 192-199 [Zbl 0792.05126]
Gervacio, Severino V., Tournament score sequences, 200-202 [Zbl 0794.05035]
Guan, Meigu, Graph theory in China, 203-218 [Zbl 0792.05138]
Harary, Frank; Lewinter, Martin, Spanning subgraphs of a hypercube. V: A spanned subcube, 219-225 [Zbl 0792.05039]
He, Wenjie; He, Wenchen, A complete set of combination invariants of planar honeycomb graphs and its applications in chemistry, 226-234 [Zbl 0793.05114]
Hedetniemi, S. T.; Laskar, R., On irredundance, dimension, and rank of posets, 235-240 [Zbl 0798.06004]
Hilton, A. J. W.; Wilson, Robin J., Edge-colorings of graphs: A progress report, 241-249 [Zbl 0792.05052]
Huang, Yixiu, On Hamiltonian decompositions of Cayley graphs on cyclic groups, 250-258 [Zbl 0793.05068]
Hwang, F. K., Updating a tale of two coins, 259-265 [Zbl 0813.90079]
Imrich, Wilfried, Embedding graphs into Cartesian products, 266-274 [Zbl 0792.05044]
Johns, Garry; Saba, Farrokh, On the path-chromatic number of a graph, 275-280 [Zbl 0793.05061]
Kano, Mikio, Regular subgraphs of a regular graph, 281-284 [Zbl 0793.05127]
Koh, K. M.; Poh, K. S., On the sequence of closed-set lattices of a graph, 285-291 [Zbl 0792.05139]
Levinson, H.; Liotta, M., Structural modifications of higher level computer languages for elementary education, 292-297 [Zbl 0790.68021]
Li, Boyu, Some conditions to make every \(MC^ n(P)\) well-founded, 298-310 [Zbl 0800.06003]
Li, Hao; Zhu, Yongjin, Edge-disjoint Hamilton cycles in graphs, 311-322 [Zbl 0794.05071]
Li, Jiongsheng; Huang, Guoxun, Score vectors of tournaments, 323-327 [Zbl 0792.05061]
Li, Nian-Zu; Whitehead, Earl Glen jun., Classification of graphs having cubic \(\sigma\)-polynomials, 328-335 [Zbl 0793.05062]
Li, Qiao, Some results and problems in graph theory, 336-343 [Zbl 0792.05140]
Lin, Yixun, A level structure approach on the bandwidth problem for special graphs, 344-357 [Zbl 0792.05119]
Liu, Jiazhuang, Representations of trees by sequences of integers and their applications, 358-366 [Zbl 0793.05052]
Liu, Zhenhong; Zhu, Yongjin; Tian, Feng, Hamiltonian cycles in graphs, 367-376 [Zbl 0794.05072]
Lloyd, E. Keith, Counting isomers and isometrizations, 377-384 [Zbl 0792.05004]
Longyear, Judith Q., Graphs and permutations, 385-388 [Zbl 0793.05053]
Lovász, László; Plummer, Michael D., Some recent results on graph matching, 389-398 [Zbl 0792.05109]
Meir, A.; Moon, J. W., On the branch-sizes of rooted unlabeled trees, 399-407 [Zbl 0792.05040]
Nathanson, Melvyn B., Two applications of combinatorics to number theory, 408-410 [Zbl 0789.11008]
Ning, Qi, On the star packing problem, 411-416 [Zbl 0793.05100]
Ordman, Edward T., Distributed graph recognition with malicious faults, 417-430 [Zbl 0790.68049]
Palka, Zbigniew, Order of induced subgraphs in sparse random graphs, 431-440 [Zbl 0793.05110]
Peled, Uri; Simeone, Bruno, The threshold measure of a graph, 441-457 [Zbl 0793.05131]
Reid, K. B., Three problems on tournaments, 446-473 [Zbl 0792.05062]
Randić, Milan, A route to acyclic (matching) polynomial, 458-465 [Zbl 0792.05111]
Ruiz, Mari-Jo P., Component factorability of point-color-symmetric graphs, 474-479 [Zbl 0792.05112]
Sheehan, John, Graph decomposition with constraints on connectivity and minimum degree, 480-486 [Zbl 0792.05113]
Shi, Yongbing; Yap, H. P.; Teo, S. K., On uniquely \(r\)-pancyclic graphs, 487-499 [Zbl 0792.05088]
Stanley, Richard P., Log-concave and unimodal sequences in algebra, combinatorics, and geometry, 500-535 [Zbl 0792.05008]
Su, Jianji, On some properties of critically \(h\)-connected graphs and \(k\)-critically \(h\)-connected graphs, 536-541 [Zbl 0793.05090]
Viennot, Gérard Xavier, Heaps of pieces. I: Basic definitions and combinatorial lemmas, 542-570 [Zbl 0792.05012]
Vince, Andrew, Recognizing the 3-sphere, 571-583 [Zbl 0792.05067]
Wang, Gongben; Liu, C. L.; Cong, Jingsheng, An extremal problem in colored uniform hypergraphs, 584-594 [Zbl 0793.05099]
Wang, Shangzhi, Some condensations in posets and graphs and their applications, 595-601 [Zbl 0793.05135]
Wang, Zhemin, A finite algorithm for feasible circuits over oriented matroids, 602-605 [Zbl 0792.05037]
Watkins, John J., Snarks, 606-622 [Zbl 0792.05057]
Wei, Bing, The panconnectivity on graphs, 623-629 [Zbl 0794.05064]
Whitehead, Earl Glen jun., Chromatic polynomials and the structure of graphs, 630-632 [Zbl 0792.05059]
Wilf, Herbert S.; Yoshimura, Nancy A., Ranking rooted trees, and a graceful application, 633-640 [Zbl 0792.05042]
Xu, Weixuan, An improved algorithm for planarity testing based on Wu-Liu’s criterion, 641-652 [Zbl 0790.68094]
Yang, Chengen; Liang, Shuli, Several problems of counting cycles in lattice graphs, 653-662 [Zbl 0793.05075]
Zhang, Fuji; Guo, Xiaofeng; Chen, Rongsi, A construction method for critically \(k\)-edge-connected graphs, 663-670 [Zbl 0794.05066]
Zhang, Fuji; Lin, Guoning, The complexities of digraphs, 671-680 [Zbl 0794.05042]
Zhang, Fuji; Zhou, Ming-Kun, The characteristics and matching polynomials of an homologous series of benzenoid systems, 681-690 [Zbl 0792.05134]
Zhang, Limin, 4-regular graphs without 3-regular subgraphs, 691-699 [Zbl 0792.05143]
Zhao, Shi-Lin, All trees of diameter four are graceful, 700-706 [Zbl 0792.05121]
Zhu, Biwen, A construction method for minimally \(h\)-edge-connected simple graphs, 707-715 [Zbl 0792.05090]
Zhu, Qing-Chuan, The structure of \(\alpha\)-critical graphs with \(| V(G)|- 2\alpha(G)=3\), 716-722 [Zbl 0793.05093]
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