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Algebraic and topological theories. Papers from the symposium dedicated to the memory of Dr. Takehiko Miyata held in Kinosaki, October 30- November 9, 1984. (English) Zbl 0782.00082
Tokyo: Kinokuniya Company Ltd. vii, 660 p. (1986).

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Indexed articles:
Miyata, Takehiko, Torsion parts of permutation class groups, 1-10 [Zbl 0800.20002]
Miyata, Takehiko; Endo, Shizuo, The Swan subgroup of the class group of a finite group, 11-30 [Zbl 0800.20001]
Morikawa, Hisasi, On differential algebras of theta functions, 31-36 [Zbl 0800.14022]
Miyanishi, Masayoshi, Normal affine subalgebras of a polynomial ring, 37-51 [Zbl 0800.14018]
Kawauchi, Akio, The signature invariants of infinite cyclic coverings of closed odd- dimensional manifolds, 52-58 [Zbl 0800.57002]
Oda, Tadao, Additive forms having additive initial forms, 86-103 [Zbl 0800.14007]
Yagita, Nobuaki, The cohomology \(H^ 2(SL_ 2 (F_ 4); F_ 4[x_ 1, x_ 2])\), 104-112 [Zbl 0800.20005]
Morita, Jun, Conjugate classes of three-dimensional simple Lie subalgebras of the affine Lie algebra \(A^ {(1)}_ 1\), 113-126 [Zbl 0800.17002]
Kato, Kazuya, Duality theories for the \(p\)-primary etale cohomology. I, 127-148 [Zbl 0800.14009]
Fujita, Takao, Projective varieties of \(\Delta\)-genus one, 149-175 [Zbl 0800.14020]
Sakuma, Makoto, On strongly invertible knots, 176-196 [Zbl 0800.57001]
Yoshida, Hiroyuki, The action of Hecke operators on theta series, 197-138 [Zbl 0800.11024]
Asai, Teruaki, On the twisting operators on the finite classical groups, 239-282 [Zbl 0800.20003]
Sekiguchi, Tsutomu; Oort, F., On the deformations of Witt groups to tori, 283-298 [Zbl 0800.14023]
Hikari, Michitaka, On Schur algebras over \(\mathbb{Q}\), 299-304 [Zbl 0800.11029]
Sumihiro, Hideyasu, Elementary transformations of algebraic vector bundles, 305-327 [Zbl 0800.14008]
Kono, Akira, On the cohomology of exceptional Lie groups, 328-338 [Zbl 0800.57004]
Tezuka, Michishige, A note on the mod \(p\) cohomology of the general linear groups over a finite field, 339-343 [Zbl 0800.20004]
Tokuyama, Takeshi, On a relation between the representations of general linear groups and a symplectic group, 344-368 [Zbl 0800.20006]
Tsunoda, Shuichiro, Monge-Ampere equations on an algebraic variety with positive characteristic, 369-386 [Zbl 0800.14017]
Ishida, Masa Nori, The dualizing complexes of normal isolated du Bois singularities, 387-390 [Zbl 0800.32007]
Nishida, Goro, Stable homotopy type of classifying spaces of finite groups, 391-404 [Zbl 0800.55001]
Katsura, Toshiyuki; Ueno, Kenji, Multiple singular fibres of type \(\mathbb{G}_ a\) of elliptic surfaces in characteristic \(p\), 405-429 [Zbl 0800.14019]
Maruyama, Masaki, The equations of plane curves and the moduli spaces of vector bundles on \(\mathbb{P}^ 2\), 430-466 [Zbl 0800.14006]
Umemura, Hiroshi, Algebro-geometric problems arising from PainlevĂ©’s works, 467-495 [Zbl 0800.14001]
Mori, Shigefumi; Mukai, Shigeru, Classification of Fano \(3\)-folds with \(B_ 2\geq 2\). I, 496-545 [Zbl 0800.14021]
Ariki, Susumu; Matsuzawa, Jun-ichi; Terada, Itaru, Representations of Weyl groups on zero weight spaces of \(\mathfrak g\)-modules, 546-568 [Zbl 0800.22001]
Uzawa, Tohru, On equivariant completions of algebraic symmetric spaces, 569-577 [Zbl 0800.14025]
Nakai, Yoshikazu; Ishibashi, Yasunori, Extensions of high order derivations, 578-588 [Zbl 0800.13001]
Yoshida, Tomoyuki, Idempotents and transfer theorems of Burnside rings, character rings and span rings, 589-615 [Zbl 0800.19001]
Matumoto, Takao, On diffeomorphisms of a \(K3\) surface, 616-621 [Zbl 0800.57003]
Watanabe, Keiichi, Study of algebras with staightening laws of dimension \(2\), 622-639 [Zbl 0800.13002]
Kambayashi, T., Nori’s construction of Galois coverings in positive characteristics, 640-647 [Zbl 0800.14024]
Nimikawa, Yukihiko, On dimension formula of cusp forms, 648-660 [Zbl 0800.32006]
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Miyata, Takehiko