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Queueing and related models. (English) Zbl 0771.00010
Oxford Statistical Science Series. 9. Oxford: Clarendon Press. xvii, 348 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Doshi, Bharat, Level-crossing analysis of queues, 3-33 [Zbl 0783.60093]
Gani, J., Random allocation in a waiting room problem, 34-46 [Zbl 0783.60014]
Masuda, Yasushi; Sumita, Ushio, Dynamic analysis of matrix Lindley process with replacement, 47-64 [Zbl 0783.60087]
Serfozo, Richard F., Reversibility and compound birth-death and migration processes, 65-89 [Zbl 0783.60082]
Choi, B. D.; Kulkarni, V. G., Feedback retrial queueing systems, 93-105 [Zbl 0783.60092]
Kaspi, Haya; Rubinovitch, Michael, A limit theorem on the output of \(GI/M/\infty\) queues, 106-111 [Zbl 0799.60091]
Kella, Offer; Whitt, Ward, A tandem fluid network with Lévy input, 112-128 [Zbl 0783.60089]
Liyanage, Liwan; Shanthikumar, J. George, Second-order properties of single-stage queueing systems, 129-160 [Zbl 0784.60088]
Wortman, M. A.; Disney, Ralph L., On the relationship between stationary and Palm moments of backlog in the \(G/G/1\) priority queue, 161-174 [Zbl 0784.60090]
Daley, D. J.; Kreinin, A. Ya.; Trengove, C. D., Inequalities concerning the waiting-time in single-server queues: A survey, 177-223 [Zbl 0784.60086]
Harris, Carl M.; Marchal, William G.; Tibbs, Richard W., An algorithm for finding characteristic roots of quasi-triangular Markov chains, 224-239 [Zbl 0784.60072]
McCormick, William P.; Park, You Sung, Approximating the distribution of the maximum queue length for \(M/M/s\) queues, 240-261 [Zbl 0827.60076]
Muppala, Jogesh K.; Trivedi, Kishor S., Numerical transient solution of finite Markovian queueing systems, 262-284 [Zbl 0784.60089]
Rolski, Tomasz, Approximations of performance characteristics in periodic Poisson queues, 285-298 [Zbl 0787.60112]
Bartroli, Marcelo; Stidham, Shaler jun., Admission to a general stochastic congestion system: Comparison of individually and socially optimal policies, 301-324 [Zbl 0784.60091]
Basawa, I. V.; Bhat, B. R., Sequential inference for single server queues, 325-336 [Zbl 0787.62081]
Heyde, C. C., Some results on inference for stationary processes and queueing systems, 337-345 [Zbl 0786.62088]
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