Conditional rewriting logic as a unified model of concurrency. (English) Zbl 0758.68043

This work attempts to clearify the notion of a concurrent system by proposing a model theory for deduction, i.e., the proof theory of rewriting. The 82 pages of the paper are organized in 6 sections which are shortly described as follows:
In the first section it is argued why and how rewriting logic is a logic of action and, as such, being intrinsically of concurrent nature.
Section 2 contains the basics of rewriting and the rule of (concurrent) deduction are given.
The semantics is given in Secion 3 by interpreting the rewriting rules as rules of generation. The initial model is proven to be sound and complete.
Section 4 proposes the language MAUDE which includes OBJ-3 and serves as a semantics of rewrite rule programs as concurrent systems.
Section 5 shows in detail how many well known concurrent systems can be viewed as concurrent rewriting systems.
The 5 sections are completed with a discussion of related work and a list of 125 references.


68Q55 Semantics in the theory of computing
03C65 Models of other mathematical theories
03B80 Other applications of logic


Maude; Simula 67; UNITY; OBJ3
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