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Applied algebra, algebraic algorithms and error-correcting codes. 9th international symposium, AAECC ’9, New Orleans, LA, USA, October 7-11, 1991. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0758.00016
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 539. Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. XI, 489 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Cellini, Paola; Gianni, Patrizia; Traverso, Carlo, Algorithms for the shape of semialgebraic sets. A new approach, 1-18 [Zbl 0779.14022]
Janwa, H., On the parameters of algebraic geometric codes, 19-28 [Zbl 0767.94017]
Kaltofen, Erich; Saunders, B. David, On Wiedemann’s method of solving sparse linear systems, 29-38 [Zbl 0778.65034]
Litsyn, Simon N., Fast algorithms for decoding orthogonal and related codes, 39-47 [Zbl 0767.94019]
Vasconcelos, Wolmer V., Jacobian matrices and constructions in algebra, 48-64 [Zbl 0782.13020]
Becker, Thomas, Homogenity, pseudo-homogenity, and Gröbner basis computations, 65-73 [Zbl 0786.13010]
Beth, T.; Schaefer, F., Arithmetic on non supersingular elliptic curves, 74-81 [Zbl 0788.94011]
Butler, Greg, Implementing some algorithms of Kantor, 82-93 [Zbl 0787.20005]
Canny, J. F., Computing roadmaps of general semi-algebraic sets, 94-107 [Zbl 0786.14033]
Canny, J. F., An improved sign determination algorithm, 108-117 [Zbl 0768.68066]
Chung, Habong, The 2-nd generalized hamming weight of double-error correcting binary BCH codes and their dual codes, 118-129 [Zbl 0767.94013]
Conti, Pasqualina; Traverso, Carlo, Buchberger algorithm and integer programming, 130-139 [Zbl 0771.13014]
Diab, Menouer, New systolic architectures for cyclic code encoding, 140-151 [Zbl 0767.94014]
Dinneen, Michael J.; Fellows, Michael R.; Faber, Vance, Algebraic constructions of efficient broadcast networks, 152-158 [Zbl 0767.94028]
van Eijl, C.; Cohen, G.; Zémor, G., Error-correction for WIMs and WUMs, 159-170 [Zbl 0767.94021]
Gallo, Giovanni; Mishra, Bhubaneswar; Ollivier, François, Some constructions in rings of differential polynomials, 171-182 [Zbl 0787.13015]
Holmquist, Lawrence P.; Kinney, L. L., Concurrent error detection in sequential circuits using convolutional codes, 183-194 [Zbl 0767.94011]
Krick, Teresa; Logar, Alessandro, An algorithm for the computation of the radical of an ideal in the ring of polynomials, 195-205 [Zbl 0823.13018]
Kuechlin, Wolfgang; Lutz, David; Nevin, Nicholas, Integer multiplication in PARSAC-2 on stock microprocessors, 206-217 [Zbl 0788.68076]
Lachaud, Gilles; Stern, Jacques, Polynomial-time construction of spherical codes, 218-223 [Zbl 0767.94015]
Langemyr, Lars, Algorithms for a multiple algebraic extension. II, 224-233 [Zbl 0774.11076]
Langevin, Philippe, On the orphans and covering radius of the Reed-Muller codes, 234-240 [Zbl 0767.94008]
Li, Yuanxing; Wang, Xinmei, A joint authentication and encryption scheme based on algebraic coding theory, 241-245 [Zbl 0815.94010]
Lobstein, Antoine C.; Solé, Patrick, Arithmetic codes – Survey, recent and new results, 246-258 [Zbl 0766.94020]
Morelos-Zaragoza, Robert; Lin, Shu, Some results on linear unequal-error-protection codes specified by their generator matrix, 259-268 [Zbl 0769.94012]
Moreno Socías, Guillermo, An Ackermannian polynomial ideal, 269-280 [Zbl 0781.13017]
Mostowski, T.; Rannou, E., Complexity of the computation of the canonical Whitney stratification of an algebraic set in \(\mathbb{C}^ n\), 281-291 [Zbl 0773.32023]
Otto, Friedrich, Some undecidability results for weakly confluent monadic string-rewriting systems, 292-303 [Zbl 0788.68080]
Pedersen, Paul, Calculating multidimensional symmetric functions using Jacobi’s formula, 304-317 [Zbl 0783.65011]
Pedersen, Paul, Multivariate Sturm theory, 318-332 [Zbl 0806.65051]
Perret, Marc, Binary spherical geometric codes, 333-339 [Zbl 0766.94017]
Poli, Alain; Belkasmi, Mostafa, An algebraic construction of generalized Beenker’s codes, 340-351 [Zbl 0772.94010]
Rifà, Josep; Borrell, Joan, Improving the time complexity of the computation of irreducible and primitive polynomials in finite fields, 352-359 [Zbl 0772.11048]
Rifà, Josep; Pujol, Jaume, Completely transitive codes and distance transitive graphs, 360-367 [Zbl 0769.94015]
Risler, Jean-Jacques, Placement of curved polygons, 368-383 [Zbl 0788.68147]
Rodier, François, On the weights of the elements of the duals of binary BCH codes, 384-389 [Zbl 0769.94016]
Rossi, F.; Spangher, W., Computation of the openness of some loci of modules, 390-402 [Zbl 0776.13012]
Saitoh, Yuichi; Imai, Hideki, Random and byte error correcting codes for asymmetric or unidirectional error control, 403-413 [Zbl 0767.94022]
Sakata, Shojiro, Finding a minimal polynomial vector set of a vector of \(n\)D arrays, 414-425 [Zbl 0782.94007]
Solé, Patrick, Covering codes and combinatorial optimization, 426-433 [Zbl 0767.94016]
Uçan, Osman Nuri; Aygölü, Ümit; Panayirci, Erdal, Decoding of quadrature partial response-trellis coded signals (QPR-TCM) in the presence of intersymbol interference and noise, 434-445 [Zbl 0825.94231]
Ulmer, Felix, On algebraic solutions of linear differential equations with primitive unimodular Galois group, 446-455 [Zbl 0772.34008]
Vainstein, F. S., Error detection and correction in numerical computations by algebraic methods, 456-464 [Zbl 0770.65007]
Zeng, Kencheng; Wei, Dah-Yea; Rao, T. R. N., \(d\)-functions in \(V_ k(F_ 2)\) and self-decimation of \(m\)-sequences, 465-476 [Zbl 0767.94003]
Zhang, Lin; Vucetic, Branka, Multilevel modulation codes for Rayleigh fading channels, 477-488 [Zbl 0825.94230]

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