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An analysis of an ordinary differential equation model for a two-species predator-prey system with harvesting and stocking. (English) Zbl 0749.92022
An analysis of the Rosenzweig-MacArthur model for a two-species predator- prey system is presented, where each species can be harvested or stocked. Using techniques from the singularity theory approach to bifurcation problems, the authors concentrate on the change in the nature of equilibria as harvesting and stocking rates change. They also examine the behavior of steady state solutions and determine how they change with respect to the carrying capacity of the prey or saturation rate of predation.
Reviewer: M.Lizana (Caracas)

92D40 Ecology
34C23 Bifurcation theory for ordinary differential equations
92D25 Population dynamics (general)
34C05 Topological structure of integral curves, singular points, limit cycles of ordinary differential equations
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