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Mathematical models of economic mechanisms. (Matematicheskie modeli ehkonomicheskikh mekhanizmov.) (Russian) Zbl 0745.00014
Moskva: Tsentral’nyj Ehkonomiko-Matematicheskij Institut AN SSSR, 204 p. (1988).

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Indexed articles:
Spivak, V. A., Control of prices and models of rationed market, 3-36 [Zbl 0800.90105]
Danilov, V. I., Dominant-strategical mechanisms in an Euclidean situation, 37-51 [Zbl 0800.90042]
Sotskov, A. I., Bargaining procedures in group choice, 52-73 [Zbl 0800.90039]
Polterovich, V. M.; Khenkin, G. M., The evolution equation for the distribution of technologies in case of several efficiency indexes, 74-87 [Zbl 0800.90100]
Grigor’ev, O. V.; Ivankov, S. A., A dynamic model of intersectoral balance and analysis of economic mechanisms, 88-98 [Zbl 0800.90145]
Zaslavskij, A. Ya., On equilibrium trajectories of a model of economic dynamics, 99-117 [Zbl 0800.90195]
Levin, V. L., On preferences admitting continuous utility functions, 118-140 [Zbl 0800.90038]
Danilov, V. I., Exchange costs as elements of trade, 141-145 [Zbl 0800.90136]
Efimov, B. A., Indexes of economic inequality, 146-185 [Zbl 0800.90213]
Dmitruk, A. V.; Koshevoj, G. A., On the existence of a function evaluating the efficiency of production processes, 186-203 [Zbl 0800.90097]
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