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Fuzzy control and fuzzy systems. Edited and with a preface by M. J. H. Sterling. (English) Zbl 0723.93042
Electronic & Electrical Engineering Research Studies: Control Theory and Applications Series, 3. Taunton: Research Studies Press, Ltd.; New York: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. xiv, 258 p. $ 84.95 (1989).
A broad coverage of issues related to fuzzy systems and their control is provided. A fuzzy system is basically presented as fuzzy relations, and most of the problems considered are transformed into the solution of a fuzzy relational equation. First, fuzzy set theory is reviewed. Second, basic notions related to the concept of a fuzzy controller are sketched. Third, fuzzy relational equations and their solution are analyzed. Fourth, the design of fuzzy controllers is discussed, both its static and dynamic aspects. Fifth, some issues related to the use of a fuzzified Łukasiewicz logic, probabilistic sets, etc., in the design of fuzzy controllers are dealt with. Sixth, the identification of fuzzy models is considered. Seventh, issues related to the prediction and control in fuzzy models are discussed. Finally, the use of fuzzy relational equations in decision making, fuzzy arithmetic, etc., is considered.

93C42 Fuzzy control/observation systems
93C99 Model systems in control theory
03E72 Theory of fuzzy sets, etc.
93B50 Synthesis problems
93E12 Identification in stochastic control theory
93-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to systems and control theory
fuzzy system