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An uncertain sustainable supply chain network. (English) Zbl 07197746
Summary: As the concept of sustainable development and environmental awareness has aroused huge attention from the public, environmental and social factors have gradually been critical to the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain. An uncertain sustainable supply chain involving the factors of cost, environmental impact and social benefits is considered. Some factors (e.g., demand, cost and capacity) are recognized as uncertain variables. In the present study, a multi-objective chance-constrained model in the uncertain scenario is developed to delve into the impact of uncertainties on decision variables. In accordance with the uncertainty theory, this study elucidates the deterministic equivalence of the model. To solve this model effectively, a hybrid genetic algorithm is proposed based on variable length chromosome coding. Lastly, numerical experiments are performed to verify the feasibility of the model and algorithm.
90-XX Operations research, mathematical programming
91-XX Game theory, economics, finance, and other social and behavioral sciences
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