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Principe d’Oka, K-théorie et systèmes dynamiques non commutatifs. (Oka’s principle, K-theory and noncommutative dynamical systems). (French) Zbl 0719.46038
Let A, B be two Banach algebras and i: \(A\to B\) be a continuous injective algebraic morphisms with dense image. What can the map \[ \iota_*: K_ j(A)\to K_ j(B)\quad (j=0,1) \] between the groups of the topological K-theory of A and B tell us? When is \(\iota_*\) an isomorphism? The author gives some criteria on these questions.
Reviewer: B.Basit (Giza)

46L55 Noncommutative dynamical systems
46L80 \(K\)-theory and operator algebras (including cyclic theory)
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