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Covariant, algebraic, and operator spinors. (English) Zbl 0699.53019
The authors review three basic approaches to the notion of a spinor which they term the covariant, algebraic, and operator definitions respectively. They then consider in what sense these are equivalent and indicate cases when such relationships can be established. Their results include the types of spinors employed by Pauli, Dirac, Majorana and Weyl. This leads to a new approach to the spinor structure of space-time and a representation of the Dirac and Maxwell equations in terms of Clifford and spin-Clifford bundles over the space-time.
Reviewer: J.D.Zund

53C27 Spin and Spin\({}^c\) geometry
83C60 Spinor and twistor methods in general relativity and gravitational theory; Newman-Penrose formalism
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