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Classifying spaces for families of subgroups for systolic groups. (English) Zbl 06941810
Summary: We determine the large scale geometry of the minimal displacement set of a hyperbolic isometry of a systolic complex. As a consequence, we describe the centraliser of such an isometry in a systolic group. Using these results, we construct a low-dimensional classifying space for the family of virtually cyclic subgroups of a group acting properly on a systolic complex. Its dimension coincides with the topological dimension of the complex if the latter is at least four. We show that graphical small cancellation complexes are classifying spaces for proper actions and that the groups acting on them properly admitthree-dimensional classifying spaces with virtually cyclic stabilisers. This is achieved by constructing a systolic complex equivariantly homotopy equivalent to a graphical small cancellation complex. On the way we develop a systematic approach to graphical small cancellation complexes. Finally, we construct low-dimensional models for the family of virtually abelian subgroups for systolic, graphical small cancellation, and some CAT(0) groups.

20F65 Geometric group theory
55R35 Classifying spaces of groups and \(H\)-spaces in algebraic topology
20F67 Hyperbolic groups and nonpositively curved groups
20F06 Cancellation theory of groups; application of van Kampen diagrams
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