Numerical analysis. 4th ed. (English) Zbl 0671.65001

Boston, MA: PWS-KENT Publishing Company. xiii, 729 p. £17.95 (1989).
[For the first ediction (1978) see Zbl 0419.65001.]
This is the fourth edition of a useful and well known undergraduate text in numerical analysis. The major change is a reordering and expansion of the material on the numerical solution of linear systems of equation and the determination of eigensystems. In particular, matrix factorization has been emphasized and the GR algorithm has been included. This section is a substantial improvement.
Many other changes have been made also. The expanded discussion of rounding errors and computer arithmetic is particularly welcome but it is a pity that there is still so little on ill-condition. More exercises and graphs have been added throughout. Overall, an already excellent book has been further improved.
Reviewer: G.J.Cooper


65-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to numerical analysis
65Dxx Numerical approximation and computational geometry (primarily algorithms)
65Fxx Numerical linear algebra
65Hxx Nonlinear algebraic or transcendental equations
65Lxx Numerical methods for ordinary differential equations


Zbl 0419.65001