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A note on Cauchy sequences in quasi-pseudo-metric spaces. (English) Zbl 0606.54025
In [Monatsh. Math. 93, 127-140 (1982; Zbl 0472.54018)] I. L. Reilly, P. V. Subrahmanyam and M. K. Vamanamurthy compare and study different variants of the notions of complete quasi-pseudo- metric space. Their work is continued in the paper under consideration. The results that the authors obtain and the examples that they present illustrate the differences between several definitions of the notion of a Cauchy sequence in a quasi-pseudo-metric space.
{Reviewer’s remark: The authors’ question whether each precompact left p-sequentially complete quasi-pseudo-metric space (X,p) is compact has an affirmative answer.}
Reviewer: H.-P.Künzi

54E52 Baire category, Baire spaces