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Mathematical biophysics of interacting populations. (Matematicheskaya biogizika vzaimodejstvuyushchikh populyatsij). (Russian) Zbl 0605.92015
Moskva: ”Nauka”. 184 p. R. 1.90 (1985).
This book has six chapters. In the first one are briefly presented the ideas and methods of mathematical biophysics of ecological systems. The dynamics of isolated populations is treated in chapter II. The relationship between predator and prey is largely studied in chapter III. Here are presented Volterra models and modified Volterra models (with one, two and three parameters).
In chapter IV, competition and colonies and in chapter V local systems of three populations are studied. Finally, dissipative structures in systems of predator-prey type are treated in chapter VI.
Reviewer: A.Balint

92D40 Ecology
92-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles) pertaining to biology
92C05 Biophysics