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ACT ONE: an algebraic specification language with two levels of semantics. (English) Zbl 0549.68010
State-of-the-art and perspectives of software technology in Europe, USA and Japan, Semin. 1 St. 5, Berlin 1983, 55 p. (1983).
Summary: [For the entire collection see Zbl 0535.00026.]
ACT ONE is the first algebraic specification language which is completely defined on two levels of semantics: The first level is that of presentations (i.e. sorts, operations and equations) and the second level is that of algebras and functors, because ACT ONE is based on initial algebra and free functor semantics. The language allows parameterization and parameterized parameter passing as basic modularization concepts for software design and it encourages to write specification texts in small re-usable units. This paper is a complete mathematical document of ACT ONE including several results concerning both levels of semantics.
Further ACT languages are proposed to handle also specifications with logical requirements and implementation of parameterized data types.

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