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Mathematical foundations of computer science 1998. 23rd international symposium, MFCS ’98. Brno, Czech Republic, August 24–28, 1998. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0895.00049
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 1450. Berlin: Springer. xvii, 846 p. (1998).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. The 21st symposium (1996) has been announced (see Zbl 0852.00041).
Indexed articles:
Ausiello, Giorgio; Italiano, Giuseppe F.; Nanni, Umberto, Hypergraph traversal revisited: Cost measures and dynamic algorithms, 1-16 [Zbl 0916.05054]
Harel, David, Towards a theory of recursive structures, 36-53 [Zbl 0972.03037]
Nielsen, Mogens, Reasoning about the past, 117-128 [Zbl 0917.68075]
Pudlák, Pavel, Satisfiability – algorithms and logic (extended abstract), 129-141 [Zbl 0911.03018]
Stirling, Colin, The joys of bisimulation, 142-151 [Zbl 0942.68075]
Aldaz, Mikel; Heintz, Joos; Matera, Guillermo; Montaña, José L.; Pardo, Luis M., Combinatorial hardness proofs for polynomial evaluation (extended abstract), 167-175 [Zbl 0911.68084]
Alekhnovich, Michael; Buss, Sam; Moran, Shlomo; Pitassi, Toniann, Minimum propositional proof length is NP-hard to linearly approximate (extended abstract), 176-184 [Zbl 0911.03028]
Kuzjurin, Nikolai N., Locally explicit construction of Rődl’s asymptotically good packings, 194-202 [Zbl 0911.05027]
Baaz, Matthias; Ciabattoni, Agata; Fermüller, Christian; Veith, Helmut, Proof theory of fuzzy logics: Urquhart’s \(C\) and related logics, 203-212 [Zbl 0921.03028]
Bonner, Richard; Freivalds, Rūsiņš; Lapiņš, Jānis; Lukjanska, Antra, Nonstochastic languages as projections of 2-tape quasideterministic languages, 213-219 [Zbl 0917.68120]
Rabinovich, Alexander, Expressive completeness of temporal logic of action, 229-238 [Zbl 0912.03011]
Touzet, Hélène, Encoding the hydra battle as a rewrite system, 267-276 [Zbl 1113.68419]
Hagenah, Christian; Muscholl, Anca, Computing \(\varepsilon\)-free NFA from regular expressions in \(O(n\log^2(n))\) time, 277-285 [Zbl 0912.68113]
Petersen, Holger, The head hierarchy for oblivious finite automata with polynomial advice collapses, 296-304 [Zbl 0911.68147]
Sénizergues, Géraud, The equivalence problem for deterministic pushdown transducers into abelian groups, 305-315 [Zbl 0912.68139]
Barthe, Gilles, The semi-full closure of pure type systems, 316-325 [Zbl 0912.03010]
Benke, Marcin, Predicative polymorphic subtyping, 326-335 [Zbl 0914.03035]
Bierman, G. M., A computational interpretation of the \(\lambda\mu\)-calculus, 336-345 [Zbl 0912.03009]
Chrząszcz, Jacek, Polymorphic subtyping without distributivity, 346-355 [Zbl 0914.03017]
Gastin, Paul; Meyer, Raphaël; Petit, Antoine, A (non-elementary) modular decision procedure for LTrL, 356-365 [Zbl 0914.03010]
Srba, Jiří, Deadlocking states in context-free process algebra, 388-398 [Zbl 0917.68153]
Amano, Kazuyuki; Maruoka, Akira, A superpolynomial lower bound for a circuit computing the clique function with at most \((1/6)\log \log n\) negation gates, 399-408 [Zbl 0914.94027]
Ambainis, Andris; Barrington, David Mix; Huong LêThanh, On counting \(AC^0\) circuits with negative constants, 409-417 [Zbl 0912.68055]
Hemaspaandra, Lane A.; Rothe, Jörg, A second step towards circuit complexity-theoretic analogs of Rice’s theorem, 418-426 [Zbl 0914.03051]
Emerson, E. Allen; Trefler, Richard J., Model checking real-time properties of symmetric systems, 427-436 [Zbl 0913.03036]
Grohe, Martin; Schwentick, Thomas, Locality of order-invariant first-order formulas, 437-445 [Zbl 0912.03017]
Simpson, Alex K., Lazy functional algorithms for exact real functionals, 456-464 [Zbl 0913.65009]
Ambos-Spies, Klaus; Lempp, Steffen; Mainhardt, Gunther, Randomness vs. completeness: On the diagonalization strength of resource-bounded random sets, 465-473 [Zbl 0912.03023]
Bentzien, Levke, Positive Turing and truth-table completeness for NEXP are incomparable, 474-482 [Zbl 0916.03030]
Goldsmith, Judy; Ogihara, Mitsunori; Rothe, Jörg, Tally NP sets and easy census functions, 483-492 [Zbl 0914.68078]
Köbler, Johannes; Schuler, Rainer, Average-case intractability vs. worst-case intractability, 493-502 [Zbl 0914.68079]
Harju, Tero; Mateescu, Alexandru; Salomaa, Arto, Shuffle on trajectories: The Schützenberger product and related operations, 503-511 [Zbl 0914.68112]
Kuich, Werner, Gaußian elimination and a characterization of algebraic power series, 512-521 [Zbl 0918.68059]
Lopez, Luis-Miguel; Narbel, Philippe, D0L-systems and surface automorphisms, 522-532 [Zbl 0914.68113]
Ryl, Isabelle; Roos, Yves; Clerbout, Mireille, About synchronization languages, 533-542 [Zbl 0914.68114]
Barthelmann, Klaus, When can an equational simple graph be generated by hyperedge replacement?, 543-552 [Zbl 0917.05054]
Große-Rhode, Martin; Parisi-Presicce, Francesco; Simeoni, Marta, Spatial and temporal refinement of typed graph transformation systems, 553-561 [Zbl 0910.18001]
Hofmeister, Thomas; Lefmann, Hanno, Approximating maximum independent sets in uniform hypergraphs, 562-570 [Zbl 0917.05055]
La Torre, Salvatore; Napoli, Margherita, Representing hyper-graphs by regular languages, 571-579 [Zbl 0915.05092]
Iwama, Kazuo; Iwamoto, Chuzo, Improved time and space hierarchies of one-tape off-line TMs, 580-588 [Zbl 0920.03049]
Mielniczuk, Pawel; Pacholski, Leszek, Tarskian set constraints are in NEXPTIME, 589-596 [Zbl 0914.03050]
Vorobyov, Sergei, \(\forall\exists^*\)-equational theory of context unification is \(\Pi_1^0\)-hard, 597-606 [Zbl 0912.03006]
Wiedermann, Jiří, Speeding-up nondeterministic single-tape off-line computations by one alternation (extended abstract), 607-615 [Zbl 0912.03022]
Courcelle, Bruno; Lapoire, Denis, Facial circuits of planar graphs and context-free languages, 616-624 [Zbl 0914.68115]
Iwama, Kazuo; Nozoe, Mitsushi; Yajima, Shuzo, Optimizing OBDDs is still intractable for monotone functions, 625-635 [Zbl 1031.68539]
Preuß, Harry; Srivastav, Anand, Blockwise variable orderings for shared BDDs (extended abstract), 636-644 [Zbl 1031.68540]
Slobodová, Anna, On the composition problem for OBDDs with multiple variable orders, 645-655 [Zbl 0919.94053]
Choffrut, Christian; Horvath, Sandor, Equations in transfinite strings, 656-664 [Zbl 0914.68152]
Crochemore, M.; Mignosi, F.; Restivo, A., Minimal forbidden words and factor automata, 665-673 [Zbl 0914.68153]
Karhumäki, Juhani; Maňuch, Ján; Plandowski, Wojciech, On defect effect of bi-infinite words, 674-682 [Zbl 0914.68154]
Kolpakov, Roman; Kucherov, Gregory; Tarannikov, Yuri, On repetition-free binary words of minimal density (extended abstract), 683-692 [Zbl 0912.68159]
Bodlaender, Hans L.; Hagerup, Torben, Tree decompositions of small diameter, 702-712 [Zbl 0918.05043]
Broersma, Hajo; Huck, Andreas; Kloks, Ton; Koppius, Otto; Kratsch, Dieter; Müller, Haiko; Tuinstra, Hilde, Degree-preserving forests, 713-721 [Zbl 0916.05019]
Crauser, A.; Mehlhorn, K.; Meyer, U.; Sanders, P., A parallelization of Dijkstra’s shortest path algorithm, 722-731 [Zbl 0912.05056]
Durand, Bruno; Porrot, Sylvain, Comparison between the complexity of a function and the complexity of its graph, 732-739 [Zbl 0914.68109]
Fernau, Henning; Staiger, Ludwig, IFS and control languages, 740-750 [Zbl 0918.68060]
Matz, Oliver, One quantifier will do in existential monadic second-order logic over pictures, 751-759 [Zbl 0912.03004]
Weihrauch, Klaus; Zheng, Xizhong, A finite hierarchy of the recursively enumerable real numbers, 798-806 [Zbl 0920.03054]
Buchholz, Thomas; Klein, Andreas; Kutrib, Martin, One guess one-way cellular arrays, 807-815 [Zbl 0914.68142]
Cattaneo, Gianpiero; Margara, Luciano, Topological definitions of chaos applied to cellular automata dynamics, 816-824 [Zbl 1022.37012]
Manzini, Giovanni, Characterization of sensitive linear cellular automata with respect to the counting distance, 825-833 [Zbl 0918.68068]
Mazoyer, Jacques; Rapaport, Ivan, Additive cellular automata over \(\mathbb{Z}_p\) and the bottom of \((CA,\leq)\), 834-843 [Zbl 0914.68143]

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