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Two-color QCD via dimensional reduction. (English) Zbl 1309.81289
Summary: We study the thermodynamics of two-color QCD at high temperature and/or density using a dimensionally reduced superrenormalizable effective theory, formulated in terms of a coarse grained Wilson line. In the absence of quarks, the theory is required to respect the \(\operatorname{Z}(2)\) center symmetry, while the effects of quarks of arbitrary masses and chemical potentials are introduced via soft \(\operatorname{Z}(2)\) breaking operators. Perturbative matching of the effective theory parameters to the full theory is carried out explicitly, and it is argued how the new theory can be used to explore the phase diagram of two-color QCD.
81V05 Strong interaction, including quantum chromodynamics
81T28 Thermal quantum field theory
81T15 Perturbative methods of renormalization applied to problems in quantum field theory
82B30 Statistical thermodynamics
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