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24th national congress of the Mexican Mathematical Society, Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico, November 10-16, 1991. Proceedings. (XXIV congreso nacional de la Sociedad Matemática Mexicana, Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico, del 10 al 16 de noviembre de 1991. Memorias.) (Spanish, English) Zbl 0846.00015
Aportaciones Matemáticas. Comunicaciones. 11. México City: Sociedad Matemática Mexicana. xii, 230 p. (1992).
Contents: Carlos Prieto, Homage to Doctor José Adem (Spanish) (1–3);
Enzo Levi, A mathematician among engineers (Spanish) (5–13);
J. H. Arredondo Ruiz, The adiabatic theorem in the estimation of state transition probabilities (Spanish) (17–24);
José Seade, A generalization of Rochlin’s signature theorem and an application to singularities (25–39);
Antoni Wawrzyńczyk, The extended spectrum and spectral analysis of invariant spaces (Spanish) (41–55);
Alejandro Adem, Topological invariants of discrete groups (Spanish) (59–70);
M. A. Aguilar, On the work of José Adem in algebraic topology (Spanish) (71–84);
Joaquín Delgado Fernández, On the relation between gravitational and Coulombian forces through analytic continuation (85–92);
Mario Eudave Mu noz, Quantum invariants of links: notes from a talk by V. F. R. Jones (Spanish) (93–105);
Mario Eudave Muñoz, On von Neumann algebras: notes from a talk by V. F. R. Jones (Spanish) (107–118);
Irene Sánchez Guevara and José Guerrero Grajeda, A compact algorithm for the problem of estimating linear parameters (Spanish) (119–148);
L. Kushner, Invitation to finite determination (Spanish) (149–161);
Eduardo Nahmad-Achar, Physics without physics (163–171);
Józef H. Przytycki, History of the knot theory from Vandermonde to Jones (173–185);
Guillermo Romero Meléndez, Modelling economics graphics using fractal geometry (Spanish) (187–206);
Garret E. Sobczyk, Noncommutative extensions of number: an introduction to Clifford’s geometric algebra (207–218);
Roberto Martínez-Villa, Algebras of infinite dominant dimension (Spanish) (221–225);
Víctor Núñez, Decomposition of nonorientable Seifert manifolds into canonical pieces (Spanish) (227–230).
The articles of this volume are not reviewed individually. The 23rd conference (1991) has been announced in Zbl 0846.00014.

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