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A novel Wirtinger-based inequality to \(H_\infty\) filtering for discrete-time systems with time-varying delay. (English) Zbl 1435.93099
Summary: This article is committed to \(H_{\infty}\) filtering for linear discrete-time systems with time-varying delay. The novelty of the paper comes from the consideration of the new Wirtinger-based inequality with double accumulation terms and the idea of delay-partitioning, which guarantees a better asymptotic stability and is less conservative than the celebrated free-weighting matrix or Jensen’s inequality methods. In combination with the improved Wirtinger-based inequality to handle the modified Lyapunov-Krasovskii (L-K) functionals, a new delay-dependent bound real lemma (BRL) is gained. In the light of the derived \(H_{\infty}\) performance analysis results, the \(H_{\infty}\) filter will be designed in response to linear matrix inequality (LMI). The validness of the proposed methods will be expressed via some numerical examples by the comparison of existing results.
93C55 Discrete-time control/observation systems
26D15 Inequalities for sums, series and integrals
93B07 Observability
93B36 \(H^\infty\)-control
93C73 Perturbations in control/observation systems
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