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Operational calculus based on the two-sided Laplace integral. 3rd ed. (English) Zbl 0636.44004
New York: Chelsea Publishing Company. XIII, 415 p.; $ 20.95 (1987).
See the review of the first edition (1950; Zbl 0040.204).

44A45 Classical operational calculus
44A10 Laplace transform
44-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to integral transforms
42A38 Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes transforms and other transforms of Fourier type
46F12 Integral transforms in distribution spaces
34A25 Analytical theory of ordinary differential equations: series, transformations, transforms, operational calculus, etc.
35A22 Transform methods (e.g., integral transforms) applied to PDEs
39A10 Additive difference equations
45A05 Linear integral equations