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The impact of applications on mathematics. Proceedings of the Forum of Mathematics for Industry, “Math-for-Industry 2013”, Fukuoka, Japan, November 4–8, 2013. (English) Zbl 1300.00038
Mathematics for Industry 1. Tokyo: Springer (ISBN 978-4-431-54906-2/hbk; 978-4-431-54907-9/ebook). xv, 369 p. (2014).

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See also for [Zbl 1292.00060]. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1254.00019].
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Indexed articles:
Wake, Graeme; Zaidi, Ali A.; van-Brunt, Bruce, Tumour cell biology and some new non-local calculus, 27-33 [Zbl 1368.92047]
Schilders, Wil, Industrial mathematics in Europe, 35-49 [Zbl 1326.01039]
Saeki, Osamu; Takahashi, Shigeo; Sakurai, Daisuke; Wu, Hsiang-Yun; Kikuchi, Keisuke; Carr, Hamish; Duke, David; Yamamoto, Takahiro, Visualizing multivariate data using singularity theory, 51-65 [Zbl 1346.68245]
Bonnard, Bernard; Chyba, Monique, Two applications of geometric optimal control to the dynamics of spin particles, 67-83 [Zbl 1332.82065]
Hakuta, Keisuke; Sato, Hisayoshi, Cryptographic technology for benefiting from Big Data, 85-95 [Zbl 1326.94096]
Choi, Dooho; Choi, Yongjae; Kang, Yousung; Lee, Seungkwang, Secure cryptographic module implementation and mathematics, 97-113 [Zbl 1326.94003]
Sato, Kaoru, The continuing challenge of steel: how to win mathematicians and influence scientists in other disciplines, 115-122 [Zbl 1326.74004]
Cuminato, José A.; Oishi, Cassio M.; Figueiredo, Rafael A., Implicit methods for simulating low Reynolds number free surface flows: improvements on MAC-type methods, 123-139 [Zbl 1326.76011]
Ueda, Naonori; Tanaka, Yusuke; Fujino, Akinori, Robust naive Bayes combination of multiple classifications, 141-155 [Zbl 1326.62063]
Cameron, Murray A., Developing mathematicians for industry research teams, 157-166 [Zbl 1326.01075]
Hayashi, Takuya, Cryptanalysis of pairing-based cryptosystems over small characteristic fields, 167-176 [Zbl 1326.94097]
Anai, Hirokazu, Applied algebraic geometry in model based design for manufacturing, 177-186 [Zbl 1326.93050]
Bauschke, Heinz H.; Iorio, Francesco; Koch, Valentin R., The method of cyclic intrepid projections: convergence analysis and numerical experiments, 187-200 [Zbl 1326.65065]
Kato, Go, Analytical optimization of local quantum operation and classical communication, 201-209 [Zbl 1326.81056]
Miyoshi, Naoto; Shirai, Tomoyuki, Cellular networks with \(\alpha\)-Ginibre configurated base stations, 211-226 [Zbl 1344.60050]
Hömberg, Dietmar; Lu, Shuai; Sakamoto, Kenichi; Yamamoto, Masahiro, Nucleation rate identification in binary phase transition, 227-243 [Zbl 1334.49110]
Balarac, G.; Cottet, G.-H.; Etancelin, J.-M.; Lagaert, J.-B.; Perignon, F.; Picard, C., Multi-scale problems, high performance computing and hybrid numerical methods, 245-255 [Zbl 1326.76046]
Hömberg, Dietmar; Petzold, Thomas; Rocca, Elisabetta, Multi-frequency induction hardening: a challenge for industrial mathematics, 257-264 [Zbl 1326.74120]
Tasaki, Sohei, Interactions in mixed lipid bilayers, 265-274 [Zbl 1368.92063]
Bonnetier, Eric; Triki, Faouzi, A note on reconstructing the conductivity in impedance tomography by elastic perturbation, 275-282 [Zbl 1334.78030]
Kondo, Hiroki; Saito, Shingo, Applicability of Bayesian methods for loss ratio estimation, 283-288 [Zbl 1326.62207]
De Hoog, Frank R.; Anderssen, Robert S., Simple mathematical models for complex industrial processes, 289-299 [Zbl 1326.00067]
Lewis, J. P.; Rhee, Taehyun; Zhang, Mengjie, Principal component analysis and Laplacian splines: steps toward a unified model, 301-306 [Zbl 1328.65065]
Sweatman, Winston L., Mathematics-in-industry study group (MISG) steel projects from Australia and New Zealand, 307-322 [Zbl 1326.00069]
Broadbridge, P., Applications of integrable nonlinear diffusion equations in industrial modelling, 323-333 [Zbl 1330.35447]
Ermolaev, Victor; Verbitskiy, Evgeny, Thermodynamic Gibbs formalism and information theory, 349-362 [Zbl 1332.82008]
Nakamura, Shinichiro, Need for mathematics researchers in industry: from standpoint of an industrial researcher, 363-365 [Zbl 1326.01076]
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