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SOFSEM 2004: Theory and practice of computer science. 30th conference on current trends in theory and practice of computer science, Měřín, Czech Republik, January 24–30, 2004. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 1029.00070
Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2932. Berlin: Springer. xiii, 385 p. (2004).

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The articles of mathematical interest will be reviewed individually. For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1045.68010].
Indexed articles:
Rutkowska, Danuta, Knowledge acquisition and processing: New methods for neuro-fuzzy systems., 62-81 [Zbl 1202.68320]
Schweimeier, Ralf; Schroeder, Michael, Fuzzy unification and argumentation for well-founded semantics., 102-121 [Zbl 1202.68430]
Zezula, Pavel; Mandreoli, Federica; Martoglia, Riccardo, Tree signatures and unordered XML pattern matching., 122-139 [Zbl 1202.68125]
Berzina, Aija; Dubrovsky, Andrej; Freivalds, Rusins; Lace, Lelde; Scegulnaja, Oksana, Quantum query complexity for some graph problems., 140-150 [Zbl 1202.68183]
Bongartz, Dirk, Some notes on the complexity of protein similarity search under mRNA structure constraints., 174-183 [Zbl 1202.68495]
Boukeas, George; Halatsis, Constantinos; Zissimopoulos, Vassilis; Stamatopoulos, Panagiotis, Measures of intrinsic hardness for constraint satisfaction problem instances., 184-195 [Zbl 1202.68206]
Charron-Bost, Bernadette; Le Fessant, Fabrice, Validity conditions in agreement problems and time complexity., 196-207 [Zbl 1202.68067]
Forster, Michael; Bachmaier, Christian, Clustered level planarity., 218-228 [Zbl 1202.05093]
Sawitzki, Daniel, Implicit flow maximization by iterative squaring., 301-313 [Zbl 1202.68288]
Tadaki, Kohtaro; Yamakami, Tomoyuki; Lin, Jack C. H., Theory of one tape linear time Turing machines., 335-348 [Zbl 1202.68202]
Wernicke, Sebastian; Alber, Jochen; Gramm, Jens; Guo, Jiong; Niedermeier, Rolf, Avoiding forbidden submatrices by row deletions., 349-360 [Zbl 1202.68212]
Chen, Ning; Zhu, Hong, Fully truthful mechanisms., 373-384 [Zbl 1202.68054]

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68Qxx Theory of computing
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