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Krim, Hamid (ed.) et al., Statistics and analysis of shapes. Boston, MA: Birkhäuser (ISBN 0-8176-4376-1/hbk). Modeling and Simulation in Science, Engineering and Technology, 313-333 (2006).
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Hager, William W. (ed.) et al., Multiscale optimization methods and applications. Selected papers based on the presentation at the conference, Gainesville, FL, USA, February 26–28, 2004. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 0-387-29549-6/hbk). Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications 82, 299-304 (2006).
MSC:  62H35 62H30 68U10
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Pajdla, Tomáš (ed.) et al., Computer vision – ECCV 2004. 8th European conference on computer vision, Prague, Czech Republic, May 11–14, 2004. Proceedings, Part III. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-21982-X/pbk). Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3023, 570-581 (2004).
MSC:  68T45
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