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Applied analysis in biological and physical sciences. ICMBAA, Aligarh, India, June 4–6, 2015. (English) Zbl 1361.92003
Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics 186. New Delhi: Springer (ISBN 978-81-322-3638-2/hbk; 978-81-322-3640-5/ebook). xvii, 438 p. (2016).

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Indexed articles:
Yafia, Radouane; Aziz-Alaoui, M. A.; El Yacoubi, Samira, Modeling and dynamics of predator prey systems on a circular domain, 3-25 [Zbl 1367.92111]
Banerjee, Malay; Sen, Moitri; Volpert, Vitaly, Pattern formation in a prey-predator model with nonlocal interaction terms, 27-39 [Zbl 1367.92092]
Cushing, Jim M., One dimensional maps as population and evolutionary dynamic models, 41-62 [Zbl 1367.92096]
Dubey, Preeti; Dubey, Balram; Dubey, Uma S., An SIR model with nonlinear incidence rate and Holling type III treatment rate, 63-81 [Zbl 1367.92117]
Goel, Anju; Gakkhar, Sunita, Dynamic complexities in a pest control model with birth pulses, 83-97 [Zbl 1367.92098]
Gupta, R. P.; Chandra, Peeyush, Dynamical behavior of a modified Leslie-gower prey-predator model with Michaelis-Menten type prey-harvesting, 99-111 [Zbl 1367.92099]
Korytowski, Daniel A.; Smith, Hal L., A special class of Lotka-Volterra models of bacteria-virus infection networks, 113-119 [Zbl 1367.92120]
Ducrot, Arnaud; Matano, Hiroshi, Plant disease propagation in a striped periodic medium, 121-164 [Zbl 1367.92118]
Mishra, Arti, A within-host model of dengue viral infection dynamics, 165-176 [Zbl 1367.92124]
Singh, Anuraj, Stabilization of prey predator model via feedback control, 177-186 [Zbl 1367.92109]
Indhumathy, M.; Arumugam, S.; Baths, Veeky; Singh, Tarkeshwar, Graph theoretic concepts in the study of biological networks, 187-200 [Zbl 1367.92044]
Ali, Tazid; Gohain, Nisha, Some algebraic aspects and evolution of genetic code, 201-215 [Zbl 1367.92033]
Wijaya, Kristiana; Baskoro, Edy Tri, On Ramsey \((2K_2, 2H)\)-minimal graphs, 219-225 [Zbl 1366.05071]
Belal, Mohammad; Hasan, Nadeem, Solution of viscous Burgers equation using a new flux based scheme, 227-241 [Zbl 1366.76069]
Shukla, Snehal; Deheri, Gunamani, Effect of slip velocity on the performance of a magnetic fluid based transversely rough porous narrow journal bearing, 243-257 [Zbl 1366.76098]
Suchde, Pratik; Vasudeva Murthy, A. S., On the wave equations of Kirchhoff-Narasimha and Carrier, 259-275 [Zbl 1366.74032]
Muthu, P.; Varunkumar, M., Mathematical model of flow in a channel with permeability – combined effect of straight and curved boundaries, 277-289 [Zbl 1367.92013]
Kamaljeet; Bahuguna, D.; Shukla, R. K., Approximate controllability of nonlocal fractional integro-differential equations with finite delay, 293-307 [Zbl 1366.93055]
Kumar, Rajeev; Bansal, Anupma; Gupta, R. K., Some solutions of generalised variable coefficients KdV equation by classical Lie approach, 309-319 [Zbl 1371.35251]
Darabi, M.; Zafarani, J., Levitin-Polyak well-posedness of strong parametric vector quasi-equilibrium problems, 321-337 [Zbl 1366.49008]
Narang, T. D.; Gupta, Sahil, Best simultaneous approximation in quotient spaces, 339-349 [Zbl 1366.41015]
Husain, Shamshad; Sahper, Huma; Gupta, Sanjeev, \(H(.,~.,~.)\)-\(\eta\)-proximal-point mapping with an application, 351-372 [Zbl 06744994]
Iqbal, Akhlad; Samhita, V., Some integral inequalities for log-preinvex functions, 373-384 [Zbl 1366.26026]
Khatter, Kanika; Ravichandran, V.; Sivaprasad Kumar, S., Estimates for initial coefficients of certain starlike functions with respect to symmetric points, 385-395 [Zbl 1369.30016]
Chen, Yuqing; Cho, Yeol Je; Kim, Jong Kyu, Note on convex functionals in the dual spaces of nonreflexive Banach spaces, 397-405 [Zbl 1375.46057]
Sofi, M. A., Nonlinear aspects of certain linear phenomena in Banach spaces, 407-425 [Zbl 1383.46058]
Som, T.; Kundu, A.; Choudhury, B. S., Some results on fixed points of weak contractions for non compatible mappings via (E.A)-like property, 427-438 [Zbl 1373.54064]

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