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Domain decomposition methods in science and engineering XXI. Proceedings of the 21st international conference, Inria Rennes Center, France, June 25–29, 2012. (English) Zbl 1381.65002
Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering 98. Cham: Springer (ISBN 978-3-319-05788-0/hbk; 978-3-319-35548-1/pbk; 978-3-319-05789-7/ebook). xx, 973 p. (2014).

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Publisher’s description: This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the 21st international conference on domain decomposition methods in science and engineering held in Rennes, France, June 25–29, 2012. Domain decomposition is an active and interdisciplinary research discipline, focusing on the development, analysis and implementation of numerical methods for massively parallel computers. Domain decomposition methods are among the most efficient solvers for large scale applications in science and engineering. They are based on a solid theoretical foundation and shown to be scalable for many important applications. Domain decomposition techniques can also naturally take into account multiscale phenomena. This book contains the most recent results in this important field of research, both mathematically and algorithmically and allows the reader to get an overview of this exciting branch of numerical analysis and scientific computing.

The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
For the preceding conference see [Zbl 1416.65007].
Indexed articles:
de Dios, Blanca Ayuso; Zikatanov, Ludmil, Space decompositions and solvers for discontinuous Galerkin methods, 3-15 [Zbl 1382.65423]
Bänsch, Eberhard; Prignitz, Rodolphe, A finite element method for particulate flow, 17-28 [Zbl 06834174]
Häberlein, Florian; Halpern, Laurence, Optimized Schwarz waveform relaxation for nonlinear systems of parabolic type, 29-42 [Zbl 1382.65302]
Hiptmair, Ralf; Jerez-Hanckes, Carlos; Lee, Jin-Fa; Peng, Zhen, Domain decomposition for boundary integral equations via local multi-trace formulations, 43-57 [Zbl 1382.65429]
Kim, Hyea Hyun; Lee, Chang-Ock; Park, Eun-Hee, Recent advances in domain decomposition methods for the Stokes problem, 59-70 [Zbl 06834177]
Klawonn, Axel; Lanser, Martin; Radtke, Patrick; Rheinbach, Oliver, On an adaptive coarse space and on nonlinear domain decomposition, 71-83 [Zbl 1382.65448]
Pechstein, Clemens, On iterative substructuring methods for multiscale problems, 85-98 [Zbl 1382.65417]
Pichot, Géraldine; Poirriez, Baptiste; Erhel, Jocelyne; De Dreuzy, Jean-Raynald, A mortar BDD method for solving flow in stochastic discrete fracture networks, 99-112 [Zbl 1380.74112]
Riviere, Beatrice; Yang, Xin, A domain-based multinumeric method for the steady-state convection-diffusion equation, 113-125 [Zbl 06834181]
Dryja, Maksymilian; Sarkis, Marcus, 3-D FETI-DP preconditioners for composite finite element-discontinuous Galerkin methods, 127-140 [Zbl 1382.65389]
Feng, Chunsheng; Shu, Shi; Xu, Jinchao; Zhang, Chen-Song, A multi-stage preconditioner for the black oil model and its openmp implementation, 141-153 [Zbl 06834183]
Tu, Xuemin; Li, Jing, A FETI-DP algorithm for incompressible Stokes equations with continuous pressures, 157-165 [Zbl 06834184]
Haynes, Ronald D.; Howse, Alexander J. M., Generating equidistributed meshes in 2D via domain decomposition, 167-177 [Zbl 1382.65443]
Haynes, Ronald D.; Ong, Benjamin W., MPI-OpenMP algorithms for the parallel space-time solution of time dependent PDEs, 179-187 [Zbl 1382.65243]
Kwok, Felix, Neumann-Neumann waveform relaxation for the time-dependent heat equation, 189-198 [Zbl 1382.65248]
Chen, Zhangxin; Liu, Hui; Yu, Song; Hsieh, Ben; Shao, Lei, GPU-based parallel reservoir simulators, 199-206 [Zbl 1380.86003]
Gander, Martin J.; Zhang, Hui, Optimized Schwarz methods with overlap for the Helmholtz equation, 207-215 [Zbl 1382.65442]
El Bouajaji, Mohamed; Dolean, Victorita; Gander, Martin J.; Lanteri, Stéphane; Perrussel, Ronan, DG discretization of optimized Schwarz methods for Maxwell’s equations, 217-225 [Zbl 1383.78038]
Tiwari, Sudarshan; Klar, Axel; Hardt, Steffen, Simulations of micro channel gas flows with domain decomposition technique for kinetic and fluid dynamics equations, 227-236 [Zbl 06834191]
Buck, Marco; Iliev, Oleg; Andrä, Heiko, Multiscale finite elements for linear elasticity: oscillatory boundary conditions, 237-245 [Zbl 06834192]
Zampini, Stefano, Inexact BDDC methods for the cardiac bidomain model, 247-255 [Zbl 1429.92007]
Franzone, Piero Colli; Pavarino, Luca F.; Scacchi, Simone, Parallel coupled and uncoupled multilevel solvers for the bidomain model of electrocardiology, 257-264 [Zbl 1429.92004]
Gander, Martin J.; Michaud, Jérôme, Fuzzy domain decomposition: a new perspective on heterogeneous DD methods, 265-273 [Zbl 1382.65440]
Gander, Martin J.; Halpern, Laurence; Repiquet, Kévin Santugini, A new coarse grid correction for RAS/AS, 275-283 [Zbl 1382.65438]
Brannick, James, Aggregation-based aggressive coarsening with polynomial smoothing, 285-293 [Zbl 1382.65434]
Hoang, Thi-Thao-Phuong; Jaffré, Jérôme; Japhet, Caroline; Kern, Michel; Roberts, Jean, Space-time domain decomposition for mixed formulations of diffusion equations, 295-304 [Zbl 1443.76214]
Gander, Martin J.; Hajian, Soheil, Block Jacobi for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations: no ordinary Schwarz methods, 305-313 [Zbl 1382.65394]
Jolivet, Pierre; Hecht, Frédéric; Nataf, Frédéric; Prud’homme, Christophe, Overlapping domain decomposition methods with FreeFem++, 315-322 [Zbl 1382.65445]
Barucq, Hélène; Gander, Martin J.; Xu, Yingxiang, On the influence of curvature on transmission conditions, 323-331 [Zbl 1382.65433]
Keilegavlen, Eirik; Nordbotten, Jan M., Conservative inexact solvers for porous media flow, 333-340 [Zbl 1443.76216]
Beirão da Veiga, L.; Cho, D.; Pavarino, L. F.; Scacchi, S., Robust isogeometric Schwarz preconditioners for composite elastic materials, 341-350 [Zbl 1443.74164]
Huber, Martin; Schöberl, Joachim, Hybrid domain decomposition solvers for the Helmholtz equation, 351-358 [Zbl 1382.65444]
Emmett, Matthew; Minion, Michael L., Efficient implementation of a multi-level parallel in time algorithm, 359-366 [Zbl 1382.65194]
Gerardo-Giorda, Luca; Mirabella, Lucia; Perego, Mauro; Veneziani, Alessandro, Optimized Schwarz methods and model adaptivity in electrocardiology simulations, 367-375 [Zbl 1429.92005]
Japhet, Caroline; Maday, Yvon; Nataf, Frédéric, A new interface cement equilibrated mortar method with Ventcel conditions, 377-385 [Zbl 1382.65405]
Herzog, Roland; Rheinbach, Oliver, FETI-DP methods for optimal control problems, 387-395 [Zbl 1382.65184]
Samaké, Abdoulaye; Chabannes, Vincent; Picard, Christophe; Prud’homme, Christophe, Domain decomposition methods in Feel++, 397-405 [Zbl 1382.65452]
Dryja, Maksymilian; Krzyżanowski, Piotr; Sarkis, Marcus, Additive Schwarz method for DG discretization of anisotropic elliptic problems, 407-415 [Zbl 1382.65388]
Barker, Andrew T.; Brenner, Susanne C.; Park, Eun-Hee; Sung, Li-Yeng, A one-level additive Schwarz preconditioner for a discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin method, 417-425 [Zbl 1382.65432]
Dimarco, Giacomo; Mieussens, Luc; Rispoli, Vittorio, A smooth transition approach between the Vlasov-Poisson and the Euler-Poisson system, 427-435 [Zbl 1443.76250]
Baudron, A.-M.; Lautard, J.-J.; Maday, Y.; Mula, O., The parareal in time algorithm applied to the kinetic neutron diffusion equation, 437-445 [Zbl 1383.82079]
Spillane, Nicole; Dolean, Victorita; Hauret, Patrice; Nataf, Frédéric; Pechstein, Clemens; Scheichl, Robert, Achieving robustness through coarse space enrichment in the two level Schwarz framework, 447-455 [Zbl 1382.65453]
Gander, Martin J.; Hubert, Florence; Krell, Stella, Optimized Schwarz algorithms in the framework of DDFV schemes, 457-466 [Zbl 1382.65359]
Mandal, Bankim C., A time-dependent Dirichlet-Neumann method for the heat equation, 467-475 [Zbl 1382.65253]
Perotto, Simona, Hierarchical model (Hi-Mod) reduction in non-rectilinear domains, 477-485 [Zbl 1382.65418]
Gander, Martin J.; Wanner, Gerhard, The origins of the alternating Schwarz method, 487-495 [Zbl 1382.65441]
Karangelis, Anastasios; Loisel, Sébastien; Maynard, Chris, Solving large systems on HECToR using the 2-Lagrange multiplier methods, 497-505 [Zbl 1382.65408]
Kimeswenger, Arno; Steinbach, Olaf; Unger, Gerhard, Coupled finite and boundary element methods for vibro-acoustic interface problems, 507-515 [Zbl 1443.76202]
Dolean, Victorita; Gander, Martin J.; Veneros, Erwin, Optimized Schwarz methods for Maxwell equations with discontinuous coefficients, 517-525 [Zbl 1383.78045]
Dohrmann, Clark R.; Widlund, Olof B., Lower dimensional coarse spaces for domain decomposition, 527-535 [Zbl 1382.65437]
Brix, Kolja; Canuto, Claudio; Dahmen, Wolfgang, Robust preconditioners for DG-discretizations with arbitrary polynomial degrees, 537-545 [Zbl 1382.65378]
Canuto, C.; Pavarino, L. F.; Pieri, A. B., ASM-BDDC preconditioners with variable polynomial degree for CG- and DG-SEM, 547-555 [Zbl 1382.65379]
Borsboom, Mart; Genseberger, Menno; van ‘t Hof, Bas; Spee, Edwin, Domain decomposition in shallow-water modelling for practical flow applications, 557-565 [Zbl 1443.76107]
Berthe, Paul-Marie; Japhet, Caroline; Omnes, Pascal, Space-time domain decomposition with finite volumes for porous media applications, 567-575 [Zbl 1443.76154]
Betcke, T.; Gander, M. J.; Phillips, J., Block Jacobi relaxation for plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods, 577-585 [Zbl 1382.65377]
Dolean, Victorita; Gander, Martin J.; Lanteri, Stéphane; Lee, Jin-Fa; Peng, Zhen, Optimized Schwarz methods for curl-curl time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations, 587-595 [Zbl 1383.78046]
Gander, Martin J.; Tu, Xuemin, On the origins of iterative substructuring methods, 597-605 [Zbl 1443.74145]
Gander, Martin J.; Halpern, Laurence; Repiquet, Kévin Santugini, Discontinuous coarse spaces for DD-methods with discontinuous iterates, 607-615 [Zbl 1382.65439]
Dufaud, Thomas, A two-level preconditioning framework based on a Richardson iterative process, 617-624 [Zbl 1382.65077]
Visseq, V.; Martin, A.; Dureisseix, D.; Dubois, F.; Alart, P., Distributed nonsmooth contact domain decomposition (NSCDD): algorithmic structure and scalability, 627-636 [Zbl 1443.76236]
Speck, Robert; Ruprecht, Daniel; Krause, Rolf; Emmett, Matthew; Minion, Michael; Winkel, Mathias; Gibbon, Paul, Integrating an \(N\)-body problem with SDC and PFASST, 637-645 [Zbl 1443.76185]
Krause, Rolf; Ruprecht, Daniel, Hybrid space-time parallel solution of Burgers’ equation, 647-655 [Zbl 1382.65246]
Gander, Martin J.; Zhang, Hui, Optimized interface preconditioners for the FETI method, 657-665 [Zbl 1382.65395]
Kammogne, Rodrigue; Loghin, Daniel, Domain decomposition method for reaction-diffusion systems, 667-676 [Zbl 1382.65446]
Jamelot, E.; Ciarlet, P. jun.; Baudron, A.-M.; Lautard, J.-J., Domain decomposition for the neutron \(\mathrm{SP}_N\) equations, 677-685 [Zbl 1383.82080]
Ahamed, Abal-Kassim Cheik; Magoulès, Frédéric, A stochastic-based optimized Schwarz method for the gravimetry equations on GPU clusters, 687-695 [Zbl 1380.86002]
Marcinkowski, Leszek; Rahman, Talal, A parallel preconditioner for a FETI-DP method for the Crouzeix-Raviart finite element, 697-705 [Zbl 1382.65413]
Karam, Noha Makhoul; Nassif, Nabil; Erhel, Jocelyne, An adaptive parallel-in-time method with application to a membrane problem, 707-717 [Zbl 1443.65096]
Aristidou, Petros; Fabozzi, Davide; van Cutsem, Thierry, A Schur complement method for DAE systems in power system dynamic simulations, 719-727 [Zbl 1382.65225]
Hofreither, Clemens; Langer, Ulrich; Pechstein, Clemens, FETI solvers for non-standard finite element equations based on boundary integral operators, 729-737 [Zbl 1382.65402]
Prokopyshyn, Ihor I.; Dyyak, Ivan I.; Martynyak, Rostyslav M.; Prokopyshyn, Ivan A., Domain decomposition methods for problems of unilateral contact between elastic bodies with nonlinear Winkler covers, 739-748 [Zbl 1443.74275]
Geymonat, G.; Hendili, S.; Krasucki, F.; Serpilli, M.; Vidrascu, M., Asymptotic expansions and domain decomposition, 749-757 [Zbl 1443.65426]
Dao, Thu-Huyen; Ndjinga, Michael; Magoulès, Frédéric, A Schur complement method for compressible two-phase flow models, 759-768 [Zbl 1443.76229]
Choï, Daniel; Gallimard, Laurent; Sassi, Taoufik, A posteriori error estimates for a Neumann-Neumann domain decomposition algorithm applied to contact problems, 769-777 [Zbl 06834246]
Greif, Chen; Rees, Tyrone; Szyld, Daniel B., Additive Schwarz with variable weights, 779-787 [Zbl 1382.65085]
Kang, Kab Seok, A parallel multigrid solver on a structured triangulation of a hexagonal domain, 789-797 [Zbl 1382.65447]
Kwok, Felix, A parallel Crank-Nicolson predictor-corrector method for many subdomains, 799-808 [Zbl 1382.65249]
Engwer, Christian; Westerheide, Sebastian, Heterogeneous coupling for implicitly described domains, 809-817 [Zbl 1382.65313]
Yang, Chao; Cai, Xiao-Chuan; Keyes, David E.; Pernice, Michael, NKS method for the implicit solution of a coupled Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard system, 819-827 [Zbl 06834251]
Hintermüller, Michael; Langer, Andreas, Surrogate functional based subspace correction methods for image processing, 829-837 [Zbl 1382.65052]
Genseberger, Menno, Practical aspects of domain decomposition in Jacobi-Davidson for parallel performance, 839-847 [Zbl 1382.65100]
Berenguer, Laurent; Tromeur-Dervout, Damien, Low-rank update of the restricted additive Schwarz preconditioner for nonlinear systems, 849-857 [Zbl 1382.65233]
Pacull, Francois; Aubert, Stephane, GMRES acceleration of restricted Schwarz iterations, 859-867 [Zbl 1382.65091]
Turner, James; Kočvara, Michal; Loghin, Daniel, A nonlinear domain decomposition technique for scalar elliptic PDEs, 869-877 [Zbl 1382.65455]
Riaz, Samia; Loghin, Daniel, A non overlapping domain decomposition method for the obstacle problem, 879-887 [Zbl 06834257]
Haslinger, J.; Kučera, R.; Sassi, T., A domain decomposition algorithm for contact problems with Coulomb’s friction, 889-897 [Zbl 06834258]
Toulougoussou, Ange B.; Roux, François-Xavier, Hybrid dual-primal FETI-Schur complement method for Stokes, 899-907 [Zbl 06834259]
Markopoulos, A.; Dostál, Z.; Kozubek, T.; Kovář, P.; Brzobohatý, T.; Kučera, R., Stable computations of generalized inverses of positive semidefinite matrices, 909-916 [Zbl 1382.65111]
Merta, Michal; Vašatová, Alena; Hapla, Václav; Horák, David, Parallel implementation of total-FETI DDM with application to medical image registration, 917-925 [Zbl 1382.65056]
Gostaf, Kirill Pichon; Pironneau, Olivier; Roux, François-Xavier, Finite element analysis of multi-component assemblies: CAD-based domain decomposition, 927-935 [Zbl 06834262]
Halpern, Laurence; Hubert, Florence, A finite volume Ventcell-Schwarz algorithm for advection-diffusion equations, 937-946 [Zbl 1382.65360]
Andzembe, Firmin; Koko, Jonas; Sassi, Taoufik, Domain decomposition with Nesterov’s method, 947-954 [Zbl 1382.65165]
Cermak, Martin; Sysala, Stanislav, Total-FETI method for solving contact elasto-plastic problems, 955-963 [Zbl 06834265]
Linel, P.; Tromeur-Dervout, D., Nonlinear transmission conditions for time domain decomposition method, 965-973 [Zbl 1382.65198]

65-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to numerical analysis
65N30 Finite element, Rayleigh-Ritz and Galerkin methods for boundary value problems involving PDEs
65N55 Multigrid methods; domain decomposition for boundary value problems involving PDEs
65F10 Iterative numerical methods for linear systems
65Z05 Applications to the sciences
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