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Modelling resonant arrays of the Helmholtz type in the time domain. (English) Zbl 1402.74087
Summary: We present a model based on a two-scale asymptotic analysis for resonant arrays of the Helmholtz type, with resonators open at a single extremity (standard resonators) or open at both extremities (double-sided resonators). The effective behaviour of such arrays is that of a homogeneous anisotropic slab replacing the cavity region, associated with transmission, or jump, conditions for the acoustic pressure and for the normal velocity across the region of the necks. The coefficients entering in the effective wave equation are simply related to the fraction of air in the periodic cell of the array. Those entering in the jump conditions are related to near field effects in the vicinity of the necks and they encapsulate the effects of their geometry. The effective problem, which accounts for the coupling of the resonators with the surrounding air, is written in the time domain which allows us to question the equation of energy conservation. This is of practical importance if the numerical implementations of the effective problem in the time domain is sought.

74Q05 Homogenization in equilibrium problems of solid mechanics
74J15 Surface waves in solid mechanics
35Q74 PDEs in connection with mechanics of deformable solids
76Q05 Hydro- and aero-acoustics
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