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Sensitivity-driven adaptive sparse stochastic approximations in plasma microinstability analysis. (English) Zbl 1436.65024
Summary: Quantifying uncertainty in predictive simulations for real-world problems is of paramount importance – and far from trivial, mainly due to the large number of stochastic parameters and significant computational requirements. Adaptive sparse grid approximations are an established approach to overcome these challenges. However, standard adaptivity is based on global information, thus properties such as lower intrinsic stochastic dimensionality or anisotropic coupling of the input directions, which are common in practical applications, are not fully exploited. We propose a novel structure-exploiting dimension-adaptive sparse grid approximation methodology using Sobol’ decompositions in each subspace to introduce a sensitivity scoring system to drive the adaptive process. By employing sensitivity information, we explore and exploit the anisotropic coupling of the stochastic inputs as well as the lower intrinsic stochastic dimensionality. The proposed approach is generic, i.e., it can be formulated in terms of arbitrary approximation operators and point sets. In particular, we consider sparse grid interpolation and pseudo-spectral projection constructed on (L)-Leja sequences. The power and usefulness of the proposed method is demonstrated by applying it to the analysis of gyrokinetic microinstabilities in fusion plasmas, one of the key scientific problems in plasma physics and fusion research. In this context, it is shown that a 12D parameter space can be scanned very efficiently, gaining more than an order of magnitude in computational cost over the standard adaptive approach. Moreover, it allows for the uncertainty propagation and sensitivity analysis in higher-dimensional plasma microturbulence problems, which would be almost impossible to tackle with standard screening approaches.
65D40 High-dimensional functions; sparse grids
65C20 Probabilistic models, generic numerical methods in probability and statistics
82D10 Statistical mechanical studies of plasmas
GENE; gs2
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