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Coalgebraic methods in computer science, CMCS ’98. Proceedings of the 1st workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, March 28–29, 1998. (English) Zbl 0903.00067
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science. 11. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 258 p. (1998).

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Indexed articles:
Caspi, Paul; Pouzet, Marc, A co-iterative characterization of synchronous stream functions, electronic paper No. 2 [Zbl 0917.68046]
Corradini, Andrea; Große-Rhode, Martin; Heckel, Reiko, Structured transition systems as lax coalgebras, electronic paper No. 3 [Zbl 0917.68072]
Gumm, H. Peter; Schröder, Tobias, Covarieties and complete covarieties, electronic paper No. 4 [Zbl 0917.68068]
Kurz, Alexander, Specifying coalgebras with modal logic, electronic paper No. 5 [Zbl 0917.68134]
Monteiro, Luís, Semantic domains based on sets with families of equivalances, electronic paper No. 6 [Zbl 0917.68132]
Pardo, Alberto, Monadic corecursion – definition, fusion laws, and applications, electronic paper No. 7 [Zbl 0917.68025]
Pavlovic, Dusko, Guarded induction on final coalgebras, electronic paper No. 8 [Zbl 0917.68130]
Power, John; Watanabe, Hiroshi, An axiomatics for categories of coalgebras, electronic paper No. 9 [Zbl 0917.68124]
Rosu, Grigore, A Birkhoff-like axiomatizability result for hidden algebra and coalgebra, electronic paper No. 10 [Zbl 0917.68144]
Schamschurko, Dmitri, Modeling process calculi with PVS, electronic paper No. 11 [Zbl 0917.68145]
Worrell, James, Toposes of coalgebras and hidden algebras, electronic paper No. 12 [Zbl 0917.68136]
Jacobs, Bart, Coalgebraic reasoning about classes in object-oriented languages, electronic paper No. 13 [Zbl 0917.68127]
Reichel, Horst, Dialgebras logics. (Extended abstract), electronic paper No. 14 [Zbl 0917.03015]
Rutten, J. J. M. M., Relators and metric bisimulations, electronic paper No. 15 [Zbl 0917.68146]

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68W30 Symbolic computation and algebraic computation
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