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Mathematical problems in computation theory. Proceedings of the 26th semester, held in Warsaw, Poland, from September 16th till December 14th, 1985. (English, Russian) Zbl 0745.00057
Banach Center Publications. 21. Warszawa (Poland): Polish Scientific Publishers. 597 p. (1988).

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Indexed articles:
Arnold, André, Transition systems and concurrent processes, 9-20 [Zbl 0761.68069]
Asperti, Andrea; Longo, Giuseppe, Categories of partial morphisms and the relation between type structures. Partial variations on a theme of Friedman and Statman, 21-45 [Zbl 0761.68059]
Baeten, J. C. M.; Bergstra, J. A.; Klop, J. W., An operational semantics for process algebra, 47-81 [Zbl 0761.68054]
Banatre, Jean-Pierre, Construction of parallel programs with networks of cooperating processes, 83-96 [Zbl 0761.68036]
Budach, L., The complexity of classification problems, 97-113 [Zbl 0760.68030]
Burkhard, Hans-Dieter, Fairness and control, 115-128 [Zbl 0761.68038]
Burmeister, Peter, Closed sets of universal Horn formulas for many-sorted (partial) algebras, 129-143 [Zbl 0759.68062]
Chadili, M.; Guessarian, I., Fairness for synchronous fork-join nets, 145-158 [Zbl 0761.68056]
Chen, Keh-Hsun; Ras, Zbigniew W., An axiomatic theory of information trees, 159-167 [Zbl 0761.68031]
Cioni, G.; Miola, A., How to treat decision problems by different programming methodologies, 169-183 [Zbl 0765.68013]
Cockett, J. R. B., Coalgebraic decision theory, 185-196 [Zbl 0777.90002]
Courcelle, Bruno, A note on the minimalization of tree-automata, 197-203 [Zbl 0763.68051]
Culik, K., Synchronous parallelizations of serial computer programs, 205-224 [Zbl 0782.68029]
Denecke, K., Categorical equivalences of varieties generated by algebras \({\mathfrak A}\) and \({\mathfrak A}^ r\), 225-233 [Zbl 0759.08012]
Van Emde Boas, Peter, The second machine class 2, an encyclopedic view on the parallel computation thesis, 235-256 [Zbl 0760.68027]
Indermark, K., Functional compiler description, 257-275 [Zbl 0759.68017]
Jones, James P., Elementary properties of the class of nondeterministic polynomial time computable functions, 277-283 [Zbl 0760.68029]
Kfoury, A. J., Square-free and overlap-free words, 285-297 [Zbl 0825.68440]
Nait Abdallah, M. A., Finite and infinite computations of logic programs, 299-313 [Zbl 0761.68027]
Novotný, Miroslav, Effective constructions of grammars, 315-328 [Zbl 0782.68073]
Orłowska, Ewa, Kripke models with relative accessibility and their applications to inferences from incomplete information, 329-339 [Zbl 0782.68108]
Packel, Edward W., The extent to which linear problems have linear optimal algorithms, 341-357 [Zbl 0782.68066]
Pettorossi, Alberto, Deriving programs using higher order generalization, 359-368 [Zbl 0761.68062]
Schweigert, Dietmar, On equations of clones, 369-375 [Zbl 0759.08006]
Skordev, Dimiter, On the use of homomorphisms for proving the equivalence of some programs, 377-384 [Zbl 0760.68053]
Szabo, M. E., On some arithmetically expressible properties of programs, 385-394 [Zbl 0761.68063]
Thérien, Denis; Sznajder-Glodowski, Małgorzata, Finite categories and regular languages, 395-402 [Zbl 0761.68065]
Thomas, Wolfgang, Safety- and liveness-properties in propositional temporal logic: Characterizations and decidability, 403-417 [Zbl 0759.03011]
Tinchev, Tinko; Vakarelov, Dimiter, Propositional dynamic logic with recursive programs, 419-426 [Zbl 0759.03017]
Venturini Zilli, Marisa, Countable nondeterminism and logics of programs: Fair-wellfoundedness of while-programs with nondeterministic assignments in the logic ALNA, 427-436 [Zbl 0759.03018]
Wechler, Wolfgang, Iterative nondeterministic algebras, 437-447 [Zbl 0759.08004]
Wechsung, Gerd, More about the closure of \(NP\), 449-458 [Zbl 0761.68041]
Werschulz, Arthur G., Information based complexity and operator equations, 459-486 [Zbl 0900.68271]
Gashkov, S. B., On the complexity of approximate computation of continuous functions, 487-497 [Zbl 0779.41007]
Kuzyurin, N. N., On the depth of Boolean functions realizable by contact schemes of given complexity, 499-502 [Zbl 0767.94025]
Lozhkin, S. A.; Rybko, A. I.; Sapozhenko, A. A.; Khromkovich, Yu.; Shkalikova, N. A., On an approach to the estimate of space complexity of schemes of functional elements, 503-512 [Zbl 0782.94019]
Madatyan, Kh. A., An estimate of the number of representative sets for a class of binary tables, 513-522 [Zbl 0765.68155]
Moshkov, M. Yu., On a relation of the depth of deterministic and nondeterministic contourless programs in the base \(\{ x+y, x-y, 1; sign x\}\), 523-529 [Zbl 0900.68156]
Nigmatullin, R. G., Linear lower bounds of the complexity and their mathematical models, 531-542 [Zbl 0767.94026]
Tkachev, G. A., On effective lower bounds of the complexity of realization of functions in various classes of control systems with constraint on the structure of the schemes, 543-555 [Zbl 0774.94010]
Frolov, A. B., Notion of complete extension of a function of partially determined logical network and its application in prediction of discrete devices, 557-571 [Zbl 0763.94024]
Shkalikova, N. A., On realization of Boolean functions by planar and spatial schemes of functional elements, 573-583 [Zbl 0762.94013]
Yanov, Yu. I., A method for solving semantic properties of algorithms, 585-597 [Zbl 0760.68049]

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