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Marti, Kurt (ed.) et al., Dynamic stochastic optimization. Selected papers presented at the IFIP / IIASA / GAMM-workshop on ``Dynamic stochastic optimization'', Laxenburg, Austria, March 11–14, 2002. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-40506-2/pbk). Lect. Notes Econ. Math. Syst. 532, 133-154 (2004).
MSC:  93C85 49K20 93E20
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Marti, Kurt (ed.) et al., Stochastic programming. Numerical techniques and engineering applications. Proceedings of the 2nd GAMM/IFIP-workshop on stochastic optimization: numerical methods and technical applications held at the Federal Armed Forces University Munich, Neubiberg/München, Germany, June 15-17, 1993. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. Lect. Notes Econ. Math. Syst. 423, 268-288 (1995).
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