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Non-global logs and clustering impact on jet mass with a jet veto distribution. (English) Zbl 1309.81279
Summary: There has recently been much interest in analytical computations of jet mass distributions with and without vetos on additional jet activity [S. D. Ellis et al.,, Phys, Lett. B 689, No. 2–3, 82–89 (2010); S. D. Ellis et al., ibid. 2010, No.11, Paper No. 101, 83 p. (2010), arxiv:1001.0014; A. Banfi et al., ibid. 2010, No. 8, Paper No. 064, 23 p. (2010; Zbl 1309.81259); R. Kelley et al., arxiv:1102.0561 (2011); A. Hornig et al., ibid. 2012, No. 1, Paper. No. 149, 35 p. (2012), arxiv:1110.0004;H.-n. Li et al., Phys. Rev, Lett. 107, No. 15, Article No. 152001, 5 p. (2011)]. An important issue affecting such calculations, particularly at next-to-leading logarithmic (NLL) accuracy, is that of non-global logarithms as well as logarithms induced by jet definition, as we pointed out in an earlier work [A. Banfi et al., loc. cit.]. In this paper, we extend our previous calculations by independently deriving the full jet-radius analytical form of non-global logarithms, in the anti-\(k_{t}\) jet algorithm. Employing the small-jet radius approximation, we also compute, at fixed-order, the effect of jet clustering on both \(C_F^2\) and \(C_{F}C_{A}\) colour channels. Our findings for the \(C_{F}C_{A}\) channel confirm earlier analytical calculations of non-global logarithms in soft-collinear effective theory [A. Hornig et al., loc.cit.]. Moreover, all of our results, as well as those of [A. Banfi et al., loc. cit.], are compared to the output of the numerical program EVENT2. We find good agreement between analytical and numerical results both with and without final state clustering.

81V05 Strong interaction, including quantum chromodynamics
81T15 Perturbative methods of renormalization applied to problems in quantum field theory
81U35 Inelastic and multichannel quantum scattering
81T80 Simulation and numerical modelling (quantum field theory) (MSC2010)
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