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Optimal algorithms for the single and multiple vertex updating problems of a minimum spanning tree. (English) Zbl 0860.68053
Summary: The vertex updating problem for a minimum spanning tree (MST) is defined as follows: Given a graph \(G=(V, E_G)\) and an MST \(T\) for \(G\), find a new MST for \(G\) to which a new vertex \(z\) has been added along with weighted edges that connect \(z\) with the vertices of \(G\). We present a set of rules that produce simple optimal parallel algorithms that run in \(O(\text{lg }n)\) time using \(n/\text{lg }n\) EREW PRAM processors, where \(n=|V|\). These algorithms employ any valid tree-contraction schedule that can be produced within the stated resource bounds. These rules can also be used to derive simple linear-time sequential algorithms for the same problem. The previously best-known parallel result was a rather complicated algorithm that used \(n\) processors in the more powerful CREW PRAM model. Furthermore, we show how our solution can be used to solve the multiple vertex updating problem: Update a given MST when \(k\) new vertices are introduced simultaneously. This problem is solved in \(O(\text{lg }k\cdot\text{lg }n)\) parallel time using \((k\cdot n)/(\text{lg }k\cdot\text{lg }n)\) EREW PRAM processors. This is optimal for graphs having \(\Omega(kn)\) edges.

68W10 Parallel algorithms in computer science
68R10 Graph theory (including graph drawing) in computer science
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