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Complex analysis and applications. Proceedings of the 15th international conference on finite or infinite dimensional complex analysis and applications, Osaka, Japan, July 30–August 3, 2007. (English) Zbl 1132.30002
OCAMI Studies 2. Osaka: Osaka Municipal Universities Press (ISBN 978-4-901409-37-7/hbk). xxv, 374 p. (2007).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The preceding conference (13, 2005) has been reviewed (see Zbl 1097.32001).
Indexed articles:
Buser, Peter; Parlier, Hugo, The distribution of simple closed geodesics on a Riemann surface, 3-10 [Zbl 1151.30031]
Choe, Boo Rim; Lee, Young Joo, Note on atomic decompositions of harmonic Bergman functions, 11-24 [Zbl 1154.47019]
Kim, Kang-Tae; Levenberg, Norman; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi, Robin functions for complex manifolds and applications, 25-42 [Zbl 1160.32022]
Komatsu, Gen, Asymptotic expansion of the Bergman kernel – elementary application of the invariant theory, 43-63 [Zbl 1141.32300]
Krushkal, Samuel, Teichmüller spaces, Grunsky operator and Fredholm eigenvalues, 65-88 [Zbl 1151.30032]
Mitra, Sudeb, An extension theorem for holomorphic motions over infinite dimensional parameter spaces, 89-98 [Zbl 1147.32015]
Yin, Yongcheng, Proof of the Branner-Hubbard conjecture and applications, 99-106 [Zbl 1159.37019]
Yue, Chengbo, Smooth rigidity at infinity of the universal cover of closed manifolds of negative curvature, 107-110 [Zbl 1141.37014]
Adachi, Kenzō, \(H^p\) extensions of \(L^p\) holomorphic functions from submanifolds of strictly pseudoconvex domains with non-smooth boundary, 113-117 [Zbl 1143.32002]
Aihara, Yoshihiro, Deficiencies of holomorphic curves in complex projective spaces, 119-124 [Zbl 1157.32306]
Bauer, Wolfram, Spectral invariant Fréchet algebras in the theory of Toeplitz operators, 125-131 [Zbl 1188.47055]
Chen, Zong Xuan; Shon, Kwang Ho, Some properties of solutions for periodic differential equations, 133-137 [Zbl 1154.30025]
Chern, Peter Tien-Yu, On entire functions with finite logarithmic order, 139-142 [Zbl 1154.30002]
Cho, Hong Rae; Im, Bong-Hak; Seo, Yeoung-Tae, Characterization of BMO or Lipschitz functions by Garsia-type norms on the upper half space, 143-147 [Zbl 1165.42307]
Csordas, George, A class of linear operators and the zeros of the Riemann \(\xi\)-function, 149-153 [Zbl 1147.30019]
Dwilewicz, Roman, Global holomorphic extensions of Cauchy-Riemann functions, 155-161 [Zbl 1148.32015]
Eelbode, David, Zonal hermitian monogenic functions, 163-168 [Zbl 1152.30330]
Fujiwaka, Ege; Matsuzaki, Katsuhiko, Elliptic quasiconformal mapping classes acting on asymptotic Teichmüller spaces, 169-173 [Zbl 1146.30026]
Fujimura, Masayo; Taniguchi, Masahiko, The moduli space of polynomials and its compactification, 175-178 [Zbl 1156.37011]
Fujita, Keiko; Morimoto, Mitsuo, Remarks on the Fourier-Borel transformation on some varieties, 179-183 [Zbl 1283.42015]
Gao, Zongsheng; Sun, Daochun, The uniqueness theorems of algebroid function, 185-189 [Zbl 1143.30015]
Hamano, Sachiko, Rigidity of Bergman length on Riemann surfaces under pseudoconvexity, 191-194 [Zbl 1155.30360]
Hashimoto, Yasufumi, Distributions of multiplicities in length spectra for hyperbolic Riemann surfaces, 195-199 [Zbl 1146.30023]
Honda, Tatsuhiro, Some geometric mappings on the open unit ball, 201-206 [Zbl 1143.32008]
Iitaka, Shigeru, Birational embedding of algebraic plane curves by mixed pluricanonical maps, 207-211 [Zbl 1140.14306]
Ito, Yoshifumi, New solutions of some variational problems and the derivation of Schrödinger equations, 213-217 [Zbl 1144.35310]
Kamiya, Shigeyasu, Remarks on complex hyperbolic triangle groups, 219-223 [Zbl 1144.51002]
Katô, Kazuto, A condition for the zeroes of bounded holomorphic functions and the second Cousin problem on a polydisc in \(\mathbb C^3\), 225-229 [Zbl 1143.32006]
Kazama, Hideaki; Umeno, Takashi, Toroidal groups without nonconstant meromorphic functions, 231-235 [Zbl 1152.32011]
Kheyfits, Alexander, Phragmén-Lindelöf principle for Clifford-monogenic functions, 237-240 [Zbl 1151.30345]
Kisaka, Masahi, Some conditions for semi-hyperbolicity of entire functions and their applications, 241-247 [Zbl 1145.37024]
Komori, Yohei, Modulus inequality for grafting and its application, 249-254 [Zbl 1142.11044]
Lawrynowicz, Julian; Nôno, Kiyoharu; Suzuki, Osamu, Hyperfunctions on fractal boundaries, 255-260 [Zbl 1151.46029]
Lee, Jeong-Seung; Oh, Chun-Young; Park, Sung-Hee, On the hyperconvexity of Reinhards domains, 261-265 [Zbl 1143.32001]
Liao, Liangwen; Yang, Chung-Chun, On factorizations of entire functions of finite type, 267-271 [Zbl 1160.30017]
Lin, Juan; Wang, Chuanrong, The stability of a kind of Cauchy type integral with respect to perturbation of integral curve and its applications, 273-278 [Zbl 1183.30038]
Maeda, Tae, On Fuchsian groups with the same set on fixed points of elliptic elements, 279-281 [Zbl 1154.30033]
Marchenko, I. I., Deviations and strong asymptotic values of entire and meromorphic functions, 283-288 [Zbl 1158.30017]
Masaoka, Hiroaki; Segawa, Shigeo, On several classes of harmonic functions on a hyperbolic Riemann surface, 289-294 [Zbl 1190.30028]
Miyachi, Hideki, On Gardiner-Masur boundary of Teichmüller space, 295-300 [Zbl 1147.30031]
Nakane, Shizuo, Branner-Hubbard-Lavaurs deformation of parabolic cubic polynomials, 301-306 [Zbl 1145.37029]
Nishio, Masaharu; Suzuki, Noriaki; Yamada, Masahiro, Parabolic dilations with application to Toeplitz operators on parabolic Bergman spaces, 307-312 [Zbl 1144.35393]
Ruzhansky, Michael, On some questions in complex analysis related to the theory of hyperbolic PDEs, 313-315 [Zbl 1144.35432]
Son, Le Hung; Hung, Nguyen Quoc, The initial value problems in Clifford and quaternion analysis, 317-323 [Zbl 1144.35309]
Le Hung Son; Nguyen Thanh Van, Differential associated operators in Clifford analysis and their applications, 325-332 [Zbl 1152.30336]
Stankewitz, Rich; Sumi, Hiroki, Random dynamics of polynomials and postcritically bounded polynomial semigroups, 333-338 [Zbl 1139.37035]
Sumi, Hiroki, Classification of polynomial semigroups and random Julia sets that are Jordan curves but not quasicircles, 339-344 [Zbl 1139.37036]
Takeuchi, Shigeru, On algebraic CR manifolds and algebraic CR \(G\)-actions, 345-350 [Zbl 1144.32022]
Tohge, Kazuya, Remarks on a special fundamental solution base and its product, 351-356 [Zbl 1148.30016]
Wong, Pit-Mann, Finite generation of global jet differentials, 357-362 [Zbl 1146.32011]
Wu, Zhaojun; Sun, Daochun, On uniqueness of admissible meromorphic functions in a sector, 363-367 [Zbl 1157.30022]
Yuan, Wenjun; Qi, Jiangming; Mori, Seiki, Singular directions of meromorphic solutions of some non-autonomous Schröder equations, 369-374 [Zbl 1149.30024]

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